Star wars Squadron Guide To Build Best Ship & Ship Control Tips

star wars squadron

Star Wars Squadron is a space combat game set in the world of star wars developed by Motive Studios. The fight between the Imperial troops and the rebel army, you need to choose a side. You can play single-player story mission or hop into the multiplayer solo or with your friends. To play multiplayer you need to have the best build for your ship to overcome your enemies in battle.

Star Wars Squadron Build Best Ship

To build the best ship, there are a few things which you should know about the ship first.
Parts that can be modified in the ships are:

  • Weapons
  • Countermeasures
  • Left Aux
  • Right Aux
  • Hull
  • Engines
  • Shields

Weapons are the normal lasers which you can shoot from your aircraft, there is a total of 9 types
of weapons out of which you can install only one. You can check the stats of each type before placing them on the squadron toolkit loadout builder.

Countermeasures are used to prevent the enemy from locking on to your ship or to prevent a missile hitting your ship. For example, Sienar XX-5 Seeker Warheads will deploy multiple projectiles behind your ship which will prevent your ship from getting hit by missiles.

Left Aux and Right Aux are the wings of the ship where you can install defensive or offensive parts.

Hull is the body or structure of your ship which decreases when you take damage from enemy aircraft. Hulls can also be repaired if you have equipped the Sienar Emergency Repair System.

The engine gives your aircraft the stats of acceleration. With a better engine, your ship will be faster and helps you with sharp turns easily. With a better grip of turns and fast acceleration, you can easily outsmart your enemies and counter-attack them.

The shield is the protector of your ship which will be depleted while taking damage. Some shields can be regenerated while some you cant if they get fully depleted.

You can visit the shipbuilder website and can try out creating a ship with different parts which will be suitable for you to fly. Once you find the perfect ship for yourself with the best stats, you can try out the build in-game.

Star Wars Squadron Keyboard Control Tips

The movement of the ship will be the same as any other vehicle which will be W, A, S, and D. But to turn quickly and set your aim, you need the lookout for the mouse cursor. When you move keep the mouse cursor in the center the ship will fly straight. Upon placing the cursor at the side of the ship windshield, the ship will turn in that direction. While aiming you should predict your opponent movement, aim beforehand with mouse and shoot accordingly.

You can increase the power of your ship parts so that they will perform better. Normally the power will be evenly distributed, but you can switch them between engine, weapons, and shield. If you powering up the engine, your ship will accelerate faster. Upon continuous firing of laser the weapons
overheat and go into cooldown, powering up the laser will decrease the cooldown time and deal more damage. Powering up the shields will grant your extra armor and enemy weapons will deal a bit less damage.

Note: To lock into enemies you can press T and to switch between targets you can press F.

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