Phasmophobia- Tutorial And Training Walkthrough Guide


In Phasmophobia the new players who wanted to accept the Job of Ghost Hunting and deduce the type of Ghosts lurking around in the vicinity without an ounce of fear, they all need to understand the nature of the game and the type of movements you can do. You can act as a solo investigator or form a team to hunt different types of Ghosts, we all need general ideas for starter and this guide will prove to be useful if you are new and don’t know what to do.

Tutorial And Training Walkthrough Guide For Phasmophobia

You can start with completing Training solo to get a hang of the atmosphere and game or else we can leave the session and read this guide. There is not much in the training, you will need to simply enter the house and use the TV to know all the basic keys and what you need to do.

Once you interact with the TV it will show you all the controls and the basic rule of this game which is at Amateur difficulty, you will be allotted 5 minutes to set up and collect all the evidence to deduce which type of Ghost you are dealing with.

Then all the use of the Equipments will be shown which we are gonna mention here. To detect the ghost, you will need to first locate where he/she is or where the Ghost nest is. The location can be found easily by detecting the Temperature of that room i.e. below 10 degrees Celsius or any disturbance/noise made by the Ghost.

Next, these are the thing you need to check:

  • Place Video Camera to detect Ghost Orb in the truck.
  • Place Ghost Writing Book to check later whether it is written or not.
  • Check Thermometer to notice if the temperature drop is below 0 degrees Celsius
  • Equip UV flashlight to check Handprint left by Ghost on Doors, Windows, and Lights.
  • Equip Ghost Box to talk with Ghost and notice whether they respond. (Make sure you are asking appropriate questions)
  • Equip the EMF reader and check whether the EMF reaches Lvl 5.

Now you can simply open the Journal by pressing “J” and select the appropriate evidence you have found to detect the Ghost-type.

Once they enter the Hunting Phase they will lock the door and start killing who has the lower Sanity or the people who are in front of him. Interacting with Ghost with Ghost Box will lower your Sanity at an alarming rate. To avoid such a situation you can flip the switches on for light.

You can hide in the closet or inside a room and lock yourself up to avoid getting caught. There are few advanced items that will help you stop the Hunting Phase such as Crucifix and Smudge Sticks which we have another guide for it. Though these are the basic information you require to play Phasmophobia, there are other guides mentioned below the description which might be useful.

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