Phasmophobia How To Set Up Camera Guide & What Do To After Death?


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. There are various items and gears in this game, but the use and place of them properly can be tough without knowing keyboard controls.

Phasmophobia How To Rotate Video Camera?

Setting up the video camera properly is quite easy for VR players, but a lot of players playing with
a keyboard are having trouble placing it. To change or rotate the angle of placing the camera from
the keyboard you need to hold the camera. Then go near any object such as a table or shelves and you will see a hologram of the camera. Hold your left mouse button and you can rotate the hologram, once you have found the perfect spot press F to place the camera.

The best way to use the video camera is with a tripod. It is used to mount the video camera and will be fixed in the same pattern. You need to hold the camera and press while near the tripod to mount it.
Now you can crouch and hold the handle of the tripod to pick it up. You can switch your items while holding the tripod else it will fall down. Tripods are used in the rooms where there is no object to place the normal video camera and placing it in the ground is not recommended.

Phasmophobia What To Do After Death?

Currently, the game is in early access and it is not much you can do after a death in this game if you are playing with random teammates. Because you can’t communicate with them through the walkie talkie and only can hear them.

If you are playing with your friends, you can all join in one discord channel and then the dead can communicate. While being dead, you could clearly see ghosts and even follow them. Apart from that currently there is not much but the devs are aware of it and currently looking for new ideas to implement in the upcoming update. You can head over HERE and give your suggestion so that the dead doesn’t have to get bore if they die early.

Note: While being dead, you could also fill out your journal all the evidence your friends found and get the reward money.

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