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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world, role-playing action game that contains various playable characters which are unlocked by using Wishes and Paimon Bargains. Few early characters will join your party in Story Mode i.e. Archon Quest, but obtaining all of them and synergizing their Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst will make your current roster shine. The current Genshin Impact characters are mentioned below along with the Tier List evaluating their Skill CD, damage output, mobility, and team composition.

Tier List For All Characters In Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact

SS Tier Characters

Venti: He is in Top Tier due to his Elemental Burst which creates a giant whirlwind at the end and sucks all the enemies that were in the way. The CD and Energy recharge rates are low enough to use his Elemental Burst again in the battle. Combining his Anemo whirlwind with any other Element such as Hydro, Pyro, Electro, Cryo will deal with an effective combination of elemental dmg type similar to as the Traveler. Even his Elemental Skill pulls the enemy up in the air and increases the hang time, making them fall down slowly.

Diluc: Pyro dmg from all his Elemental Skill and Burst is just an appetizer, the Passive Talent “Blessing of Phoenix” is activated when he uses his Elemental Burst. The use of Elemental Burst will make his blade do a 20% Pyro dmg bonus for 12 sec straight which fits him for a DPS role. The dmg output is way high than any other characters which make him desirable as a main attacker role and in Top Tier.

Fischl: High Dmg output makes her more desiring as the charged shot on OZ after summoning him on the battlefield will deal humongous amount of AOE electric dmg. Pure Electric Dmg from her Charged Shot as well as her Elemental Skill suits her as a high DPS or main attacker role.

Qiqi: Her Elemental Skill summons an orb that deals Cryo dmg and while her skill is active, hitting her with normal and Charged attacks heals all the character. She has an Elemental Burst which covers quite a distance and the enemies are affected by Talisman Cryo dmg. When they have Talisman debuff, any character hitting them will heal themselves. She has high dmg output as well as healing prowess which brings her to the Top Tier.

S Tier Characters

Beidou: Her Elemental Skill is quite unique as you can absorb the damage during the stance and deal high damage. Her Elemental Burst is overpowered as all your attacks will apply electrical discharge that can melt down enemies. Using her Burst with a character who has high attack speed is favorable. The fact she is in S Tier only is due to her high ability CD.

Barbara: One of the Top Tier Healer you can acquire as her Elemental Skill heals the nearby allies and party members when she deals with normal ATK dmg. Her healing is scaled with her Max HP and the charged attack will heal 4x times. Even Elemental Burst replenishes a high amount of HP bar which makes her a perfect healer and tank in Genshin Impact.

Jean: She has a unique Elemental Skill which lifts the enemies into the air for a period of time when you are holding the ability and then it pushes them back. The CC effect abilities are much more powerful and useful while dealing with multiple enemies and throwing them off from high places for an instakill. Her Elemental Burst creates an AOE healing area and launches enemies into the air for perfect Combo and Anemo (Wind) dmg.

Keqing: Her Elemental Skill makes the character more useful than others in terms of dealing damage or exploring lands. Her mobility as well as the use of Lightning Stiletto makes her a well-devised attacker. Her Elemental Burst deals AOE electric dmg but the star of her ability is the diverse way you can use her Stellar Restoration.

Klee: The fact she has 2 bombs as an Elemental Skill which bounces three times emitting an AOE Pyro dmg each time it bounces. It explodes at third bounce scattering small mines that deal a small amount of damage and had a CC effect. Her Elemental Burst is a high dmg skill that will summon “Spark n Splash”  to deal dmg to the nearby enemies and once you switch character at lvl 4 Constellation the explosive dmg can be used as a burst dmg.

Mona: She is a water mage with crowd control abilities. Her Elemental Skill is similar to Amber that taunts and pull aggro in the desired location. Her Elemental Burst imprisons all enemies in the area and deals with heavy elemental damage when the Illusory Bubble is removed. The fact that all her abilities are CC and high dmg output makes her an instant pick for the team in Genshin Impact.

Razor: He is one of the main Attackers or DPS characters which deals Electric dmg to the enemies. His Elemental Skill marks the enemy with Electro Sigil which increases the Energy Recharge Rate. Using his Elemental Burst will instantly cool down the Elemental Skill and allow him to recharge his energy at an absurd amount for another round of Elemental Burst Wolf form.

Xiangling: After clearing the Spiral Abyss third floor she can be recruited as your Pyro user. Her Elemental Skill is similar to Amber which spits fire from his mouth except for the taunt part. Her Elemental Burst is very effective to dish out high Pyro dmg and can be paired up with other characters easily. Nevertheless, you can pick up the chili pepper to gain ATK buff for 10s when Guoba disappears.

Xiao: The fact he is in S Tier and not in SS Tier is due to unclear future changes. He is one of the main Attackers or DPS characters who dishes out heavy dmg after activating his Elemental Burst. Though the HP will decrease slowly but every 3s an increase in 5% dmg makes him overpowered when synergized with a healer and other elemental users. His Elemental Skill can be used twice on the ground as well as in the air. The enhanced jump and ATK dmg buff due to his Elemental Burst makes this character more lethal and worthy of SS Tier.

A Tier Characters

Chongyun: Despite being a melee DPS character his only worth comes from his ELemental Skill and Burst. Constant AOE Cryo buff and damage make him useful but he can be replaced by other high DPS characters for the main Attacker role rendering him useless or desirable for elemental dmg only. You cannot form a team centering him as a DPS role in the long run in Genshin Impact.

Ningguang: She is one of the Geo users who shoots gems that deal dmg. Her Elemental Skill is quite unique and blocks all the enemy projectile. Elemental Burst used when Jade Screen is placed nearby will amplify the damage as additional projectiles will be projected. Due to the low cost of Elemental Burst, you can use it most of the time but the problem arises when you switch your character and loses her damage output. She is more like a main Attacker or DPS but unlike others, you can’t synergize well with her.

Traveler: The twins are the protagonist and master of all 7 Elements. You can match their Elements by resonating with the Statue of Seven. The Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst can absorb any nearby element and fuse it with Anemo for combo elemental damage. The skill changes when your Element Mastery change such as you resonate with Geo and become Geo user, the Elemental Skill will slam a rock down. What makes Traveler in A Tier is because all characters with similar elemental skill far outclass the twins.

Xingqiu: His Elemental Skill creates a hurling sword that applies a wet status effect on enemies. The sword will break when the dmg is taken by the character reducing their dmg as well as healing them for 8% of current Xingqiu’s HP. His Elemental Burst can be well utilized and synergized with other characters to Freeze, slow, or deal electric dmg over time.

B Tier Characters

Bennet: He is designed more as a Support Healer/DPS. His Elemental Skill is quite effective but what makes him more remarkable is his Elemental Burst which creates Inspiration Circle that deals an AOE Fire dmg to enemies. The Inspiration Circle heals the character when their health falls below 70% or if the health is more you gain damage buff scaled as a set percentage of Bennet’s Base ATK.

Lisa: Her Elemental Skill is pretty useful and holding this skill deals Electric dmg depending on the Conductive stacks which is huge, however, you will need to remain stationary for a long amount of time which can be interrupted easily. Her Elemental Burst deal AOE electric damage but also knocks the enemy back which loses all the high dmg output potential. Her slow CD and long setup along with low survivability place her in the Lower Tier of Genshin Impact.

Noelle: All players must have obtained her by using Beginner Wish which is yet another Geo user. The maid has an Elemental Skill which generates a Barrier that absorbs dmg scaling her DEF. While the Barrier is active, the normal or charged attack heals all your character. Her Elemental Burst increase the dmg and attack range, it also converts all dmg done to Geo Dmg. She can be used as your healer/protector mostly due to her Elemental Skill and Passive 1 which makes her above C Tier in Genshin Impact.

Sucrose: She is an Anemo user who has a decent CC ability. Her Elemental Skill pulls the enemy and deals damage, however, the main use of this character is due to her Elemental Burst. The Elemental Burst creates a whirlwind which engulfs all the enemy in the area to pull and launch them into the air. She can be used as a utility character for her Elemental Burst and mix up other elements and except for that, she is not much of a use.

C Tier Characters

Amber: The first Pyro user which you can recruit at the beginning has a mediocre dmg but her Elemental Skill taunts and pull aggro which acts as a perfect setup for her Elemental Burst. Though she can be used as support due to her low dmg output. Apart from that she is not much of a use and can be replaced for a healer or utility-based character.

Kaeya: The second character to join your team is a Cryo user who can control icicles around him to deal damage to nearby enemies. Apart from his normal ATK dmg nothing seems more important as his Elemental Skill deals Cryo dmg in front of him and his Elemental Burst deals dmg to those who are close to him making him a less desiring and replaceable character after Amber.

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