Genshin Impact How To Play With Friends Online Multiplayer Co-op Guide

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game developed by miHoYo.The game is well optimized with breathtaking graphics and visuals. It also features a great anime like storytelling cutscenes. The best of the game is you can also play together with your friends but there is a small catch. You can’t join your friends at the starting of the game.

Genshin Impact How To Play With Friends?

To play online with friends, you first need to reach adventure rank 16. This rank is different
from the normal character rank. To increase your adventure rank you need to explore the map and
unlock new areas and shrines. Complete the main, side and daily quests will also increase your
adventure rank.

During the main quest, you will have to clear dungeons and defeat main bosses which will grant you
a lot of exp for adventure rank. If you are playing in Ps4, you can check your adventure rank by pressing the option button.

If you playing on any other device, you can check by visiting the town and talking to one of the NPC named “Katheryne”. You can find her as soon as you enter the town of Mondstadh town. As you increase your adventure level you will also unlock a lot of rewards. With higher adventure levels, the world level around you will also increase, granting you better resources and equipment from treasures.

Once you have reached adventure level 16, you can open the menu page by pressing ESC or tab from the PC or option button in PS4. There you will find your UID which you need to share with your friends to add to each other. After adding each other you can invite them from the same menu. In the left bottom corner, you will find one co-op option to join your friends.

Note: You and your friends all need to have adventure level 16 to play this game together.

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