Phasmophobia Roadmap, Upcoming Updates, New Map, & Play As Ghost

PhasmophobiaPhasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. The game is really great to play with your friends and find evidence of paranormal activities and what causes it. The game is getting its popularity day by day on steam and the developers are really active with fixing bugs every day.

The game is well optimized for an early access game and if you are facing any issue, you can join the official discord channel and talk with the developers. As the game is in early access, this game will have a lot more updates that will keep on coming upcoming days.

Phasmophobia Roadmap

The developers have shared a roadmap with the players and some of the interesting updates that will be coming in near future are:

  1. Separate mode where you will be able to play as a ghost. (Currently not decided but might be added)
  2. New map prison level, apartment building, and mansion level.
  3. Night vision goggles as an expensive item.
  4. Add an SLS camera and a spotlight item for tripods.
  5. Distance screams from outside and things will be visible on neighbors or outside houses windows.
  6. Plates and glass will smash into pieces.
  7. Static ghost shadows flash on windows based on sanity level.
  8. Add ghost voices when the ghost starts hunting.
  9. Weather will be random for all maps.
  10. Last page of the journal where we deduce ghosts will be shifted to the truck as a group thing.
  11. Add more Jinn weakness.
  12. Ghost interact with objects during it’s hunting phase.
  13. Make candles placeable.

These are some of the best updates among all other updates which will be coming. You can check the full roadmap the developer shared with us by clicking HERE. The developers are also going to add a reconnect button for the players who get disconnected in the middle of the investigation. The game will also be available in the Oculus store in near future. The developers are also looking for ideas for the players who are dead just for fun or could help alive players. You can give your suggestion on discord or HERE.

Note: This roadmap is the future plan for developers which might change due to various reasons. The bugs with maximum priority are being fixed first that might disrupt the game.

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10 Replies to “Phasmophobia Roadmap, Upcoming Updates, New Map, & Play As Ghost”

  1. Eve

    This sounds great, it would be cool if you added a friendly lobby ghost that people could use equipment on like spirit boxes and ouija boards, emf and the like to talk to while waiting.

    • Hikari

      You could give this suggestion directly to developers through their official discord channel or on their roadmap page. Sounds cool 🙂

  2. taylor

    i think adding more Ghosts would be nice too and bump up players like we all seen in the modded lobbies that are popping up every where

  3. PhilsGames

    Here are some things I think might be good to add to the game to make it even more scary:

    – Baby Noises
    – Scratching noises
    – Thunder Storms
    – Mist (weather)
    – Raytracing
    – Moving objects (chairs, tables etc)
    – Layout of the house changes while investigating
    – Words written on mirrors.
    – Crosses turning upside down
    – Binaural Audio
    – Reflection of a ghost in the mirrors

  4. mike

    more death sequences would make the game a lot scarier. like maybe have the ghost grab and stare you in the eyes while it kills you. the hands isnt that scary and gets repetitive

  5. Fofedo

    After you die you should be able to talk to your teammates through the spirit box. When a player dies and they have a headcam it should fall onto the floor so you an pick it up and use it. You should have a video headcam what records and you can look back at the recordings for evidence and you can hear sounds from it.

  6. Skitzee_Fairy

    Will there please be dead player interaction? i.e. UV writing on the white board, dead players can communicate to live ones with Spirit Box through single words or be heard with the parabolic microphone?

  7. sean

    Have it where when you finally decide on what ghost you are dealing with you can do a ritual with at least 2 other players. To cleanse the house of the ghost you must grab a book and read off what it says In the room. If you guess the wrong ghost, then you have done the wrong ritual giving the ghost more power and he or she kills everyone participating in the said ritual. When you guess the right ghost Then the ghost appears and does a bunch of freaky stuff and is cleansed! I Don’t know where else to suggest this, I apologize.

    • Hikari

      You can visit the roadmap HERE and check out the column ideas needed. There you can share your ideas via comment after you sign up.

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