Phasmophobia- Insurance Money And How Do We Get It?


In Phasmophobia the experience of living yourself as a ghostbuster will become a challenge when you encounter them. During the first 5 minutes when you unlock the door and enter the vicinity, the search for a cold spot and paranormal activity will indicate their presence. However, you will have a limited amount of time until you deduct which type of ghosts you are currently dealing with. After completing the map, you will be awarded money for evidence, and the objectives as well as Insurance. In this post, we will focus on how Insurance money works.

Insurance Money And How Do We Get It In Phasmophobia

Once you select the mission, you will need to purchase the equipment according to the map size and number of players. The purchased equipment can later be added to be used, however, it can be used repeatedly on the next level if you survived the misfortune.

The Insurance works when you didn’t survive the Hunting Mode and died during the investigation. The amount of money awarded depends on how much worth of equipment you had added as once you die the tools are lost. To purchase the next set of equipment you will require dollar bills and the money is deducted 50% of the amount from the reward from collecting evidence and proof. However, if you are dead you are still earning enough money due to Insurance but the Experience points earned will be reduced.

Insurance will cover up few expenses and you will be awarded at least some part of the money but the more profitable way to earn will be to survive as your equipment that has been purchased will still be available along with extra money earned from the Job. For more guides on Phasmophobia, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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