Phasmophobia How To Talk To Ghost & Voice Chat Not Working Fix

PhasmophobiaPhasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. In this game, you can communicate with the ghosts through the mic and different items. Sometimes talking to them makes them more aggressive and you might see some paranormal activities. You can click picture of these activities to get some extra money. There is no limit to how much evidence you can collect in one job. The more photo evidence you collect, the more money you get and can buy all items easily.

Phasmophobia How To Talk To Ghost?

There are two ways through which you can communicate with the ghost. The first one is the spirit box which is an item that can be bought before the job. The other one is the Ouija board which you will find it during your job while looking for evidence of a ghost.

Ouija board can be found laying the house somewhere. I have found it a few times in the bathtub and in the garage near the car. To use the Ouija board, you need to free your hand and interact with it.

To use the spirit box to communicate with the box all you need to do is turn on the box by pressing right-click on the mouse. Once it is on you can press the V button (local push to talk) for and speak in the mic. You can also try pressing B (Global push to talk) and speaking through the box.

There is a specific set of questions to which only the ghosts will reply. Check out the list of questions you can aks through the spirit box and ouija board. Be careful while using the Ouija box, because your sanity level will drop drastically. During the hunting phase, you shouldn’t talk through the mic, or the ghost can hear you and become more aggressive. To escape from the ghost find a safe place to hide, turn off all the lights, and do not make any noise.

Note: Talking in walkie talkie normally will also trigger the ghost and you might see some paranormal activity around you. To talk in walkie talkie press V or B.

Phasmophobia Mic Not Working Fix

Sometimes the in-game mic doesn’t work for a player, I and my friends always play on discord to avoid this issue. But the devs are working a fix and currently, the only way to fix it when you alt+tab out of the game, do not alt+tab back in, rather click on the game icon on the taskbar to go back in the game.

The voice recognition breaks out when you tab out and the only way to fix is to click on the game window rather pressing alt+tab. If you have not alt+tab the game and still the mic isn’t working, you should check if the mic is working on other Softwares or not.

You can use the mic in-game by pressing the V button or the B button on the keyboard. In the new update, the walkie talkie will now turn off if you are talking when the hunting phase starts.

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