Phasmophobia- How To Light Smudge Stick And Use It


In Phasmophobia there are different types of a ghost lurking around the vicinity and your task is to detect their type. In the first 5 minutes they are not hostile but when they enter the Hunting Phase, you need protection or start hiding inside the closet or room and stop any kind of movement. To fend of ghosts, you can either cleanse the area with the help of Smudge Sticks or place down the Crucifix to create a small safe spot. In this guide, we have mentioned how to light the Smudge Sticks and use it.

How To Light Smudge Stick And Use It In Phasmophobia

While selecting a job, you will need to purchase the Smudge Sticks and a Lighter and Add it so you can take it with you in the Job. Once the game starts, you can pick up Lighter and Smudge Sticks. Equip Smudge Sticks and press “F” to light it up in the ghost nest or the room where you find the Temperature drops below 10 degrees Celsius.

Now the Smudge Stick will start burning which you can unequip and equip other important equipment. Once you detect the cold spot and start setting up Video Cameras and evidence, you can drop lit Smudge Sticks in order to prohibit them to enter. Few Objectives such as Cleanse the area with Smudge Sticks will be completed if you drop it in the affected area or lighting it up in the ghost room.

Smudge Sticks work for a while, so you can stop the Ghost during Hunting Phase and stop them to attack you or your teammate. For more important guides, you can click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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