Phasmophobia- Freezing Temperature And Dirty Water In Sink


In the Phasmophobia each vicinity is cursed and random type of ghosts haunt and lurk in the vicinity. To detect the ghost nest, you will need to search all the rooms and search for the cold spot or any type of anomaly such as EMF spiking and Spirit Box response. In this guide, we will mention how to detect the cold spot and Freezing Temperature along with Dirty Water in the sink.

Freezing Temperature And Dirty Water In Sink At Phasmophobia

To investigate and collect evidence, you will need to be equipped with all types of equipment to detect their type and fend them off during the Hunting phase. Thermometer and EMF are necessary as they are the most common equipment to detect. While reading Thermometer you can also turn on the flashlight by pressing “T”.

During the search, you will notice a small change in Temperature but when it will fall down 10 degrees celsius indicates that it is a cold spot. Set up the video camera in that vicinity and drop the Ghost Writing book. If you notice that the temperature is going below 0 degrees celsius then it is your Freezing Temperature and the cold breath will be emitted from the character’s mouth.

You can interact with the drawers and open the cupboard in search of Bone or Key, similarly, you can turn on all the sink and let the water flow out. The dirty water can be noticed easily as it will be brown in color, similar to the muddy water. Dirty Water can be found only where the room has any connection to the Paranormal activity. The Ghosts usually turn the sink on by itself to let the muddy water ooze out.

There is a known bug where the players have reported that opening the sink and letting out clear water will not ooze Muddy Water out later but in our case, we have seen it multiple times that clear water has turned into Muddy Water slowly if the Ghost persist in the area. So, it is not necessary that all the time there would be Dirty Water oozing out of tap and it is recommended to not turn the sink on if you are searching for it as we might have been lucky or the devs might fix that later.

The larger map such as Asylum and School will take a lot of courage and time in order to search for the Ghosts nest. It’s recommended keeping a Flashlight and Thermometer all the time if you all are separating if you have not yet bought Parabolic Microphone. Make sure that you search for a room below 10 degrees celsius and start collecting evidence. For more guides on Phasmophobia, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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