Phasmophobia All Difficulty Levels, How To Get Them & Their Difference

PhasmophobiaPhasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. The game has different types of maps with various items that you can use. You will get a contract to find evidence of ghosts on a regular basis and the difficulty of this contract is based on your character level. Below you will find the exact level you need to unlock all the maps and difficulty level.

Phasmophobia All Difficulty Level

There is a total of 3 types of difficulty levels in this game which are Amateur, Intermediate, and Professional. These difficulty levels are based on the highest player level in this lobby.

If your level is less than 3, you will only get small maps with where you need only an extra 1 teammate. Some of these jobs can also be done solo and you will get amateur difficulty till you reach level 10. In amateur difficulty you will have 5 minutes to set up equipment, you will get the best insurance on the items you lost when you die. The behavior of the ghosts will be pretty normal and might not be that scary.

If your level is between 10 and 15, you will have a 25% chance to get the intermediate difficulty job. The medium size maps will be unlocked once you reach level 5. In intermediate difficulty, you will only have 2 minutes to set up equipment and average insurance payout when you die. The ghost will unrest in intermediate and will be more aggressive than the amateur. After reaching level 10 you will unlock all types of maps.

You will unlock the final professional difficulty once your character level is between 15 and 25. During this time the contract you get will have 50% amateur, 30% intermediate, and 20% professional. In professional difficulty, you will not get any time to set up equipment. If you die from the ghost, all your items will be lost and you won’t get any insurance. In this mode, the ghost will be a lot angry and much more aggressive. Once you reach level 25 you will have a chance to get a contract which will be 30% amateur, 40% intermediate, and 30% professional.

Note: You get a 2x bonus in Intermediate difficulty and 3x more bonus in professional.

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