Phasmophobia How To Play This Game, Find Ghost & Leave Area

PhasmophobiaPhasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. The main objective of the game is to find evidence of ghosts, deduce which type of ghost it is for the ghostbuster team and leave the area without dying. You will only get 5 minutes before the ghost becomes aggressive and starts hunting you.

Different Ghost Types, Strength, And Weaknesses.

All Items list In-Game

Phasmophobia How To Play?

This game can be played in VR or as Non-VR. If you playing from the keyboard, check out all the keyboard controls HERE, on how to pick up, drop and use items. At first, you will be spawned at your truck, and you need to look at the whiteboard for all the objectives.

Completing these objectives will grant you 10$ each. If you die during the match after completing objectives and your teammates wins the round, you will get around 5$ for each objective and some insurance money.

With this money you can buy some extra equipment which will help you find more evidence of ghosts. After checking out all the objectives, take the items which are required to complete the objective and go inside the house to find the traces of ghosts.

Some ghosts become more aggressive when you call their name on the spirit box and ask questions. If you are unable to find a ghost at all, use the spirit box and try to talk with the ghost by calling its name.

Note: Jinn type of ghost ability won’t work when you turn off the location power. The location power can be seen in the map which can be found inside the truck above the sanity percent screen. It will be in a green icon. You can change the map by pressing the white switch beside the map. By changing it will show you between different floors of the house.

Phasmophobia How To Find The Ghost?

If you are playing in a group of 2-3, the best way to find the ghost is to go separate ways each with 1 item that could detect a ghost-like thermometer, EMF Reader, Ghost Writing Book or UV Light. The ghost won’t attack for the first 5 minutes and in large maps, each can cover the whole area quickly.

If one of you finds a trace of ghosts, such as breath freezing, EMF reader spiking, or any fingerprints. Everyone should gather near that spot, use a crucifix, spray salt on the floor, and position the video camera. The ghost will attack once the timer is over, you will know as the light will start to flicker and you could hear noises and footsteps.

So make sure one of your teammates remain in the truck to check out the camera to find traces of ghost orbs, activity monitor, and check the sound sensors. Sometimes, you could also see the shadow of the ghosts before the timer gets over of which you can click the picture as evidence. Make sure to collect as much evidence you can, because you also get some extra money.

Note: If there is a sink where you find traces of ghost, quickly interact with the sink tap to open it up and you will find dirty water. Click a picture of it as evidence.

Phasmophobia How To Leave Area?

Before leaving the area, make sure you have updated your journal. In the last page of the journal, you have to select the 3 evidence which you found, and based on that you have to deduce which type of ghost you were dealing with.

To leave the area, you need to press the same keycode which you used to open the backside of the truck door. Once you have updated your journal make sure to ask your teammates if they have also updated or not. In my case, before updated my teammate closed the truck door and we left, and I didn’t get the money for deducing the type of ghost.

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