Phasmophobia Ghost Orb, How To Find Evidence, & Safe Place To Hide


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. There are various types of ghosts in this game that you need to detect. To find these ghosts you need to try different tools and see which one ghosts responds to. Below you will find all the methods you can use to find evidence of the ghosts and determine which type of ghosts it is.

Phasmophobia How To Detect Ghost Orb?

Ghost Orbs are the small glowing light flying around the ghost which can be visible on the camera night vision. This is the classic paranormal evidence however, not all ghosts have one. Check out the list HERE on which ghosts have a glowing light around them and can be detected.

To detect ghost orbs place the camera in the room where you think the ghost might be. Go back to your truck and interact with the keyboard to turn on or off the night vision.

Note: You can see the glowing light flying around like a housefly.

Phasmophobia How To Detect And Collect Evidence?

Some other tools that help you find evidence of paranormal activity are:

EMF Level 5

Ghosts leave traces that can be detected through the EMF reader which will light up when you find a trace.

Spirit Box

Check out HERE all about the spirit box and the phrases ghosts responds to.

Freezing Temperatures

Everyone knows from the horror movies and lore that the temperature drops when a ghost is around. But in this game, few ghosts will drop the temperature even further that can be detected through a thermometer. Else you can also check your breath which will turn white and can be seen.


Some ghosts might leave their traces in the form of fingerprints on doors, windows, and light switches. These traces can be found using UV torchlight or a Glow stick.

Ghost Writing Book

Some ghosts can write on a ghostwriting book when left alone. Place the book in the room where the ghost is and then leave the room.

Note: Some other evidence which can be found are bones on the ground and dirty water in sinks. You can also take a photograph of these for evidence.

Phasmophobia Safe Place To Hide From Ghosts

When a ghost goes into hunting mode, the flashlight will start to flicker. Make sure you know the ghost type to use tools which can weaken it. Else you need to look for any closets, locker, or a closed room (Won’t work with Wraith as they can travel through walls).

Do not make a sound through or mic and make sure to have a crucifix with you. Your friends can check the activity monitor from your truck and warn you when it reaches 10.

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