Medieval Dynasty- How To Repair And Upgrade The House

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, having a shelter is the first step for survival. Building a house at the beginning of the Chapter to ensure that you can heal and sleep as well as cook foods. Hunting, farming, and completing side quests in order to grow Dynasty Reputation comes second. Dynasty Reputation is required in order to recruit people from to work and prosper in your ever-growing village.

The very first thing they want apart from your reputation is a place to live i.e. you will need to build the house. The house that has been built with the help of a Wooden Hammer has another mode that can be activated by pressing “Right Click” on your mouse. In this guide we have mentioned all the possible actions we have tried in order to repair and upgrade the house.

How To Repair And Upgrade The House In Medieval Dynasty

Once you complete building a small house, you can right-click while the Wood Hammer is equipped as mentioned above. The wheel will appear and the most eye-catching and important feature you will want to try will be to Upgrade and Repair.

While selecting Upgrade, you will see that each wall needs Daub in order to be upgraded. Daub is not a natural resource, however, it can be crafted but for that, you will need a specific building which we have mentioned in the post earlier.

However, once you select Repair, the durability of the house will appear in terms of percentage but the resources required to repair are not mentioned. Once the durability lowers below 50%, you will be able to repair. Equip Wood Hammer and select the mode in which you can start repairing to increase the durability. You can even upgrade your log house into a Stone house for more durability.

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  1. Juraj Černý

    the durability of the building must fall below 50%. Then the damage is visible and can be repaired

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