Phasmophobia Keyboard Controls, How To Pick Up, Drop & Use Items


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. The game was originally made for immersive horror experience for VR. But players can still enjoy with their friends if they don’t have a VR headset.

The keyboard controls can be confusing but once get used to it, it will be easy to play the game. Make sure if you are dropping an item on the ground, you need to use the crouch button C and then pick up the item using E.

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Phasmophobia Keyboard Controls

The keyboard controls of the game are only shown during the training period on the tv slide. You cannot change or check your controls once you start the game. But before starting the game, you can go to the setting and change the keyboard controls. To go to the setting, interact  with the white board.

Some players might get confused on how to complete the tutorial on the keyboard if you have started the training without checking the controls. Below you will find a walkthrough on how to complete it. The game is for both VR and non-VR players but to get an immersive horror experience, VR use is a must.

W – Forward Movement

A – Left Movement

S – Backward Movement

D – Right Movement

Shift – Run

C – Crouch

V – Local Push To Talk

T – Flash Light

B – Global Push To Talk

Q – Inventory Swap

J – Journal

E – Pickup Items

G – Drop Items

Right Mouse Click – Primary Use

F – Secondary Use

Left Mouse Button – To interact with keypads, open doors, and taps.

Phasmophobia Training Guide & Walkthrough

During the training, you will first spawn in your truck. In front of your computer, you can find the key which you will need to open the door. The location of the ghost is already mentioned. Beside your table, you will find a shelve with equipment.

If you are using VR you can hold 4 items, if you are a non-VR user you can hold only 3 items. Pick up these items, go inside the house, and interact with the remote to check all slides and follow its instruction.

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10 Replies to “Phasmophobia Keyboard Controls, How To Pick Up, Drop & Use Items”

  1. Lautaro Startschewoi


    • Hikari

      Even if your mouse is not set to interact, you can still use the whiteboard using the space key. Then go to setting, then controls, and select reset. When you unbind the left mouse button, it doesnt work once you are inside the job. But before that, you could interact with the white board and use the left mouse button to interact.

      • Jeff

        Using the space key works but you did not explain clearly on how to go to the settings when the left mouse button is unbind still. But I’m guessing using a controller is another way to go to settings and resetting the buttons

        • Hikari

          I tried to unbind my left mouse button, it was still working and I could go into the settings to reset the buttons. I do not know how it wasn’t working for you but if what you are claiming is true, it is a game-breaking bug and you should report it to developers. When you unbind the left mouse button it doesn’t work inside the game during the job to interact with items, but you can use the left mouse button on the whiteboard to go into settings.

          • Hikari

            Okay then report it to the developers or check your mouse left click might be having some issue. Because it didn’t throw us out off the board nor I haven’t heard any other player are having the same issue. You can just uninstall the game and reinstall it or if you don’t want to download again, you can create a backup first.

  2. Smevulock

    Hey, I just got the game, and found that whenever I press g to drop things, I just toss them no where near where it shows it’ll go. Any advice on how to place them down gently?

    • Angelz

      Well, you can crouch and drop items so that they are not tossed far away or look down while dropping down EMF or stuffs.

    • Floyd Massey

      F keep places it in the shaded area. G drops the item, and if it is a camera usually on the lens making it useless. : )

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