Phasmophobia Different Ghost Types, Strength, Weaknesses, & Tips


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. The main objective of the game is to find evidence and locate the different types of ghosts in the game with the help of your friends. Phasmophobia is currently in early access and currently only features 12 types of ghosts. More updates and ghosts list will be coming in the upcoming updates. Below you will find the list of all ghosts, their strength, weaknesses, and how to detect them.

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Phasmophobia All Ghost Types

Till now there is a total number of 12 different ghosts in Phasmophobia which you need to find using different tools. The list of Ghosts are:


These are the most common ghosts you will come across but still they are powerful and dangerous. You can usually discover them at one of their hunting grounds after an unexplained death.

Strength – Nothing

Weaknesses – Smudge Sticks to stop it from attacking for a long period of time.

Evidence – Spirit Box, Fingerprints, and Ghost Writing.


They are some of the most dangerous ghosts you will find. They are the only ghosts who can travel through walls and has the ability to fight.

Strength – They never touch the ground, so they can’t be tracked by footsteps.

Weaknesses – Wraiths have a toxic reaction to salt.

Evidence – Fingerprints, Freezing, Temperature, and spirit box.


A phantom ghost can possess the living, and most commonly summoned through an Ouija Board. It also includes fear into those around it.

Strength – If you look at a phantom directly your sanity will drop faster.

Weaknesses – You can take a picture of the phantom to make it disappear.

Evidence – EMF level 5, Ghost Orb, and Freezing Temperature.


The most famous ghost Poltergeist known to be a noisemaker by manipulating objects around them to instill fear among its victims.

Strength – Throw a huge amount of objects at once.

Weaknesses – Ineffective in an empty room as there will no objects to toss around.

Evidence – Spirit Box, Fingerprints, and Ghost Orb.


These ghosts are natural hunters who love to stalk it’s prey one at a time making its kill. Banshee will attack anything that comes in its way.

Strength – Will target one persona at a time.

Weaknesses – Fears crucifix and will be less aggressive near one.

Evidence – EMF level 5, Fingerprints, and Freezing Temperatures.


These are territorial ghosts that will attack when they feel threatened. Jinn travels faster than most of the ghosts at a significant speed.

Strength – Will travel faster if the victim is far away.

Weaknesses – Turning off the location’s power source will prevent Jinn from using its ability.

Evidence – Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, and EMF level 5.


These ghosts are the source of all the nightmare the victims see, making it the most powerful ghost in the dark.

Strength –Increased chance to attack in the dark

Weaknesses – Turning the lights on around the Mare will lower its chance to attack

Evidence – Spirit Box, Ghost Orb, and Freezing Temperature.


They are slow but violent ghosts that will attack everyone indiscriminately. They also travel at a greater speed like Jinn while hunting.

Strength – Travels faster while hunting.

Weaknesses – If you are hidden from the Revenant, their speed drops, and they travel slowly.

Evidence – EMF level 5, Fingerprints, and Ghost Writing.


These are shy ghosts and will stop all activity if there are more than one person nearby.

Strength – Harder to find.

Weaknesses – Not go into hunting mode if there are multiple people nearby.

Evidence – EMF level 5, Ghost Orb, and Ghost Writing.


These are the worst ghosts you can encounter. They will attack you without any reason.

Strength – Attacks more often than any other ghost.

Weaknesses – Asking a successful question on the Ouija board won’t lower sanity.

Evidence – Spirit Box, Ghost Writing, and Freezing Temperature.


They have returned to the physical world to take revenge or have a deep hatred for a victim.

Strength – Stronger effect on people’s sanity.

Weaknesses – Smudging the Yurei room will cause it to not wander around the location for a long time.

Evidence – Ghost Orb, Ghost Writing, and Freezing Temperature.


Oni’s are the cousin of demons and are extremely strong. They will become more active if you wander around them for too long.

Strength – More active when players are nearby or when objects move at great speed.

Weaknesses – Being more active helps players to easily identify the Oni.

Evidence – EMF level 5, Spirit Box, and Ghost Writing.

Phasmophobia Tips

In the truck, you will find a lot of things that will help you decipher the evidence for the ghosts and watch your characters stats. The things you need to focus on your truck at the starting of the game are the objective from the whiteboard. Besides that, you will see a few black screens where the team sanity percent is there with current location emf which is a ghost activity tracker, and the map of the house in which the ghost is.

There is also a computer which will be connected to all the cameras already present or any camera you place in the house. You can scroll through the camera by interacting with the mouse and change the night vision mode from the keyboard.

To find the evidence of ghosts in phasmophobia you can place the camera in the room where you think the ghost might be or just by the entrance of the door. Drop some salt at the entrance of the door and glow some smudge sticks or glow sticks and drop them near the camera. So basically you are piling up the tools near the entrance so that you get a lot of evidence when the ghost tries to leave the room.

The crucifix works only when down before the hunting phase. Banshee’s weakness is the crucifix, but some ghosts have no effect of it. If the light turns on and off automatically, you might want to flash your UV torchlight on the switch to find the fingerprints of the ghosts.

One person should always remain at the truck to monitor the ghost activity, track time, and your teammate’s health. Picking up bones or clicking pictures of it for evidence will grant you some extra money that can be used to buy items.

Some More Extra Tips

When the 5 minutes are going to be over, make sure you have all the items to scare the ghost such as a crucifix, salt, smudge stick. Throw the crucifix on the ghost to scare it off. The lights will start to flicker when the ghosts will go into hunting mode. If the lights go out before 5 minutes and are not turning on, you can try to visit the power source and can find a red light. Interact with it to make it green which will restore the power and you can turn on lights again.

The crucifix can be used only two times so use it wisely and you might carry 2 of them while playing in a team. Smudge sticks cannot be used any longer to take the ghost out of it’s hunting phase. It will just give the player who is holding it some extra time to hide. Job objectives will be given to you based on the highest player level.

Holding a smudge stick will not stop the ghost from hunting rather it will delay the hunt and give you some extra time to hide. Sometimes when lights flicker, it happens because of a low sanity level and can be only seen by you and not by your teammates.

Note: Will keep updating

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