Phasmophobia All Item List, Their Use & How To Buy Them


Phasmophobia is a psychological horror game developed by Kinetic Games. There are various items in this game that can be used by the characters to help them find evidence for paranormal activity. Below you will find the list of items available in this game, their use, and how to buy them.

Phasmophobia Full List Of Items

  • EMF Reader – While using near a spirit light all lights will blink on it.
  • Flash Light – Normal torch to look in the dark.
  • Video Camera  Set up cameras in the room to observe from the truck computer.
  • Lighter – Used to light up candles or smudge sticks.
  • Candle – Use to show light around dark areas, can be used to light other candles and smudge sticks. The ghost can blow it out.
  • UV Light – To find the tracks and prints left by the ghosts.
  • Crucifix – Prevents certain ghosts from entering into the hunting mode. It has a radius of 4m so it won’t fully cover a large room.
  • Spirit Box – Use to interact with certain types of ghosts.
  • Salt – It is used to track the movement of ghosts. Place it on the ground and you can footmark and track the ghosts. Best against a Wraith who cannot be tracked via footprints. (Update- Wraith doesn’t leave footprints anymore but has still its one of its weaknesses).
  • Smudge Sticks – Can be used to halt the activity of the ghosts in a room. You need to light it up with a candle or lighter for it to work.
  • Strong Flashlight – Brighter than a normal flashlight and cover a large area.
  • Thermometer – Record the temperature of the room.
  • Sanity Pills – Use to increase sanity percent.
  • Ghost Writing Books – Place it on the ghost room and check if anything is written on it or not.
  • Glowstick – Use to detect evidence like fingerprints.

These are items in Phasmophobia that I haven’t used until now and will be updated soon. Until then if you have a brief idea do share with us in the comments.

Update- Credit to Doop

  • Motion Sensor – It can be mounted on the wall in order to detect any movement. As the Motion Sensor capture, any movement the map will be updated as a long bar. It is recommended to set it up in a hallway in front of the ghost’s room.
  • Photo Camera – Used to capture evidence left by the ghost such as tracks and dirty water.
  • Sound Sensor – It is used to detects sounds the ghost might make. The truck has a screen which roughly indicates in which general area it is. It is useless if the ghost doesn’t move objects.
  • Infrared Light Sensor – As soon as the ghost is detected and pass through it, the area will light up.
  • Parabolic Microphone – Similar to the Sound Sensor but a mobile version of it.
  • Head-Mounted Camera – Similar to the Video Camera but can be mounted on your head.
  • Tripod – Tripod is used to stabilize the video camera.

Phasmophobia How To Buy Items

To buy items in this game, you need to have money. Money can be earned by completing daily quests or by completing jobs. Interact with the whiteboard main menu and select the menu “Item Store”. From there you will be able to buy items using money. To unlock different items, you need to complete the specific jobs and then it will show you on the item store.

On the left side of the whiteboard, you can see your level and the money you have. Complete jobs to increase your level and unlock new items.

Note: Some items are unlocked when you reach a specific level, can be bought and used after that.

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6 Replies to “Phasmophobia All Item List, Their Use & How To Buy Them”

  1. Doop

    I’d suggest proofreading your articles before posting them – easy spelling and grammar mistakes, double posts (motion & sound sensor posted twice in the same list) among other things.

    Aside from that:
    You switched video and photo camera around. The photo cam can’t view the house cameras, it takes pictures.

    As for the other items:

    Sound sensor detects sounds the ghost might make. The truck has a screen which roughly indicates in which general area it is. Useless if the ghost doesnt move objects

    Parabolic mic is a mobile version of the sound sensor, works the same way.

    Motion sensor is a wall-mounted device that will detect anything moving in front of it, and it will show up on the map as a long bar. best to set it up in a hallway in front of the ghost’s room.

    Infrared sensor: Will light up the area the moment a ghost is detected in front of it

    Head mounted camera: Same as the other video cams, but mobile

    Tripod: Allows for better placement of the video camera

    Photo camera (seeing as you messed that one up with the video camera): Can take pictures of ghosts, the bloody sink, handprints and other stuff for evidence. Can also be used to scare away a Phantom during its hunt phase

    • Hikari

      You will always have it with you and can use every round until you die. Once you die your items will be lost but you get some insurance money.

    • Hikari

      You throw it at the ghost or in front of the ghost. You can only use the crucifix two times. The best way to use it is to place it before the ghost starts the hunt.

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