Medieval Dynasty- Scythe Uses And How To Obtain It

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, crafting is one of the important skills you possess from the beginning and all your survival depends on it. Crafting Tools for Farming, Hunting, Excavation, and basic needs will define how you earn Gold and resources and Scythe is one of the gathering tools. In this guide, we will explain where you can obtain Scythe at the very first of the game and how it can be used in your village.

Scythe Uses And How To Obtain It In Medieval Dynasty

You can craft tools in order to use them on specific objects to gain resources such as Wood Axe to cut trees and obtain logs and stick. However, they can also be used for attacking but the damage will be quite low and the durability of the tool will decrease at a rapid rate.

For specific tasks, villagers are assigned and they perform their tasks if they have the tools. Scythe is used to cut grown crops in order to collect them such as Flax. Villagers that are assigned to farm as Field Workers will equip tools that are stored and start doing their tasks. Make sure that you always craft tools and increase the number of tools stored as the durability goes down quickly due to heavy-duty.

The scythe can be collected at the beginning of the Gostovia village. Check out the farm outside the village and enter the cabin to loot at night. You can craft Scythe after you purchase it from the Technology tree or purchase it from the shop. It is better to unlock Scythe and stock them up in your storage because once your village grows, the amount of farming will increase which will totally depend on these types of farming tools. For more guide on Medieval Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

2 Replies to “Medieval Dynasty- Scythe Uses And How To Obtain It”

  1. Kara

    The developers removed the Stone Tools from the shed near Gostovia, the only Thing left there ist a worden hoe, wich can easily bei crafted.

    • Angelz

      Yeah having Five of those each tool was too much. Now relying on purchasing it from the shop and crafting them after unlocking sufficient Technology points will delay your growth and farming speed, unfortunately.

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