Among Us Keyboard Controls & Shortcut, How To Change It?

Among Us KeyboardAmong Us is an online multiplayer social deduction game developed by InnerSloth. The main objective of the game is to find successfully complete all the tasks if you are a crewmate. If you are the imposter, your job is to kill all the crewmates.

The game was released in 2018 on mobile devices but gained a lot of attraction after it’s PC release in 2020. Due to the on-going pandemic, this can be a perfect game for a group of friends. It can either build trust more or you might pull your hair with rage due to unfair deductions.

Among Us Keyboard Controls

There is only two option to control your character in the setting which are keyboard+mouse or only mouse. If you are playing from PC you would like to use the keyboard+mouse setting. So here are the keyboard controls which will help you complete task quickly, report faster, and kill quicker.

W – Upward Movement

A – Left Movement

S – Downward Movement

D – Right Movement

TAB – To open map

E and Space – To interact with objects (Use Vent, Sabotage, Use Security, Admin Panel and complete task)

R – Report a Kill

Q – Kill a crewmate

Esc – To close the task menu, security menu, or admin panel.

Alt+enter – Toggle Window mode to fullscreen.

Among Us How To Change Keyboard Controls

Currently, there is no option to change the keyboard keys from the settings. Players might have to wait for future updates. Else you can also use any key bind software to change the controls. The above controls are easy to use, but if you want to bind the buttons for your Mouse 4 and mouse 5 buttons for quick interact and kill, you can try key binding.

Hopefully, the developers were working on the sequel Among Us 2 which they have left to work on the current version due to its massive popularity gain. All the updates and plans which were done by the developers for part 2 will be deployed in this current-gen and we might get to see new maps soon.

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