Medieval Dynasty- How To Obtain Manure And Its Uses

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty food can be obtained by Farming, Hunting, and Fishing animals. But the easiest source of steady food supplies would be your farm. However, along with crop seeds, you will need manure in order to grow the crops. In this guide, we have explained what is the use of manure and how to obtain it.

How To Obtain Manure And Its Uses In Medieval Dynasty

Manure can be purchased from almost most of the villages and for instance the closest village i.e. Gostovia. The thing about manure is you will need it at the very beginning as soon as you have built for a farm. At first, the crop seeds can be planted by only plowing the field but when you collect your grown crops, you will need manure to grow another batch.

The manure is required after growing and collecting the crop in order to make the soil fertile. After spreading manure, all you need is to repeat the farming process from plowing to spreading the seeds to grow a new type of vegetables. Manure can also be obtained after purchasing and feeding the cow. Well, realistically, you will need enough Gold and Technology Points to unlock the shed, so purchasing manure is the only way to keep on farming at the beginning.

You can purchase a batch of manure relentlessly as the quantity resets again next season. After building new houses for the villagers to recruit, you will be able to assign them on specific tasks after checking their stats. So, manure is also an essential resource that will be needed as there will be more than enough seeds to plant. For more guides on Medieval Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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