Medieval Dynasty- How To Obtain Daub To Upgrade The House

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, we need to build a house at the very beginning and as soon as it is finished we can check the upgrades which require Daub. Daub is a resource that we can’t obtain raw but it can be crafted and for that, you will need a specific building and ingredients which will be mentioned in this post.

How To Obtain Daub To Upgrade The House At Medieval Dynasty

To obtain Daub, you will need to first build up a barn. Once the barn is built, you can go towards the crafting bench and check the crafting wheel or menu which will show you that Daub can be crafted. To craft 1 Daub, you will require 10 Straw and 10 Clay each.

Daub is kinda heavy as it weighs 0.75 kg per Daub but all you need is, for now, to upgrade the house wall into a Stonewall. Store these Daub in the Chests and build up your Stone Walls which are quite sturdy.

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty

To obtain Clay, you can simply find the deposit near Hornica, Lesnica, and Gostovia. These Clay Deposits can be discovered from other areas too, though these are the areas that are marked in the map above near respected villages. Other than that I personally think that keeping Shovel and Pickaxe with you while exploring the land is quite important as you might never know where you encounter these types of resources and critically miss them because you didn’t have the tools. For more guide on Medieval Dynasty, click on the other links that have been mentioned below the description:

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