Medieval Dynasty- How To Increase Affection And Recruit Villagers

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, you can build your own village and recruit other villagers. To survive and save your legacy, you will need an heir and for that, you will need to woo a lady by increasing their Affection towards you. This guide specifically explains how you need to recruit villagers and increase Affection.

How To Increase Affection And Recruit Villagers At Medieval Dynasty

To increase affection, you will need to have a conversation with ladies around villages. First, you will need to increase the Approval and once the Affection bar pops up, you will be able to flirt and increase the Affection by selecting “I want to tell you something, beautiful lady.”

After that select the appropriate dialogue option and increase the Affection meter. You will need to sound less cocky and more concerning against the lady. Make sure that after initiating Affectionate talk and increase its meter, do not try to increase the Approval meter as it can backfire if you mess up the interaction.

To recruit people from other villages, you will need to learn how to differentiate them against normal villagers. Press the “Left Alt” button and you will notice their stats. Initiate normal talk to increase the Approval rate to 70%

Once you have increased the Approval rate to that point, you will need to check your Dynasty Reputation which is supposed to be 100. Now, the last task is to simply build houses for them in order to stay in your village. Making sure that you have enough Approval, Reputation, and Home in order to recruit them and assign them tasks via Management Tab. For more guides on Medieval Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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