Medieval Dynasty- Fox Location In The Wilderness

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, there are various wild animals who are passive and aggressive depending on your approach towards them. A passive animal such as Fox will run away when they notice you approach them and they are very easy to kill but aggressive animals such as boar will chase and attack you. In this guide, we have mentioned the Fox location which might be very difficult to find if you have not explored the land and other villages yet.

Fox Location in The Wilderness At Medieval Dynasty

For Chapter 4- Into The Wilderness quest, you will need to build a Hunting Lodge and kill 3 Fox and Boar each. While wandering and on my way to Lesnica to purchase Pickaxe and complete a side quest where I found deer and Fox lingering around the village Denica. If you are having difficulties finding the Fox then you can kill all three foxes near the village or even on the way from Hornica to Gostovia you will encounter a bunch of foxes, deer, and wolves.

First, we thought that during each season the animals shift and migrate but that is not the case so and they can be hunted for fur and meat. The most important tip I can provide is during Winter the only source of food is meat, so you will need to start hunting. However, in the first year it might seem impossible to survive and hunt in the cold winter. The trick is to equip a torch and keep yourself warm. Even Campfire or staying at home will save you from the harsh temperature.

Make sure you store enough food unless you don’t want to waste your hard-earned gold to the shopkeeper for food. For more guides on Medieval Dynasty click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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