Mario 64 Shoot Into The Wild Blue & All Caps Switches Location Guide

Super Mario 64

Mario 64 is a remake recently released on Nintendo Switch with 2 other titles combined called Super Mario 3d All-Stars published by Nintendo. There is a total of 3 switches you need to ground pound in order to collect all cap power. Below you will find the location to all the switches.

Mario 64 Shoot Into The Wild Blue Guide

As soon as the stage starts keep going straight, then take a left and you will find a slope with coins. To the left side of the coins will be a rock wall. You need to crouch jump on the rock wall where you will find puddles of water.

Keep going straight through the water and you will find a pink bomb buddy who will prepare a canon for you. Go inside the canon and aim for the middle platform below the long pole. Once you reach there, slide down one platform below and you will find the star.

Mario 64 Caps Switches Location Walkthrough

Red Switch For Wings

Check out our previous post HERE to find the location of this switch.

Green Switch For Metal Body

To get the metal cap first of all you need at least 8 stars and go to the browser world to get the key. With this key, you will be able to open a door that is located underground of the peach castle.

After getting the key go through the wooden door beside door number 3. Once you are inside that door, look right and you will find stairs going down with anathor door that requires the key.

When you are inside you will reach a curve corridor, keep going straight from there and you will find anathor door. Behind that door, you will find floating red orbs, take right and keep going then take right again and left where you will find a door with a star symbol.

Go inside that door and you will reach a puddle of molten metal. Jump inside the puddle and you will reach Hazy Maze Cave. Once you reach there take a left, go ahead and take a long jump then go inside the door.

After that, you will stand above a red platform and you need to go to the other side. After reaching the other side be careful of the boulders. Follow the arrow marks and go inside the metal door. After that, you will see a platform with orange boxes. Take that platform down and you will find a slide. Go down the slide onto the lake and swim to your left platform where you will meet Dory the dragon.

Jump on the back of Dory and ground pound her, then climb up her head and you will find metal doors. Go inside the door and you will start the metal cap switch course. Complete the course and you will find the green switch which you need to activate to use metal caps anywhere you see a green block.

Blue Switch For Vanish Power

To get the vanish cap you need to follow the same procedure as of the green cap, 8 stars, and an underground key. Go through the wooden door beside door number 3 into the underground of peach castle.

Pass the curved corridor till the end, open the door and you will see red floating orbs. Take a right from there and again the next right till you reach a puddle of water. There you again need to go into the right side door and you will find a pool of water. Swin under the pool to reach the other side.

There you will find two platforms floating on the water pool. You need to ground pound both the platforms and the water level will go down. After that, you will find a metal door and on the other side, the peach castle water body has also gone down. Go to the far right side and you will find a hole in the ground.

You need to go inside the ground and you will find vanish cap switch course. Complete the course and you will find the blue switch. Ground pound the blue switch and it will activate the blue block. With vanish ability, you could go through the mesh obstacle. Go right and drop down the hole to get out of the room.

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