Super Mario 64 Red Wing Cap How To Unlock, Wings To The Sky Guide

Mario 64
Image Credit – Nintendo

Super Mario 64 is a remake recently released on Nintendo Switch with 2 other titles combined called Super Mario 3d All-Stars published by Nintendo. Below you will find a guide on how to break the red blocks and get the red caps and complete the wings to the sky.

Super Mario 64 How To Get Red Wing Cap

To unlock the red blocks and get the wing to fly around freely you need to first collect 10 stars in the game. As the game starts you will enter the peach castle and there you can visit different maps to and collect stars.

You will start with the map Bob-omb Battlefield and eventually unlock different areas. Once you have collected 10 stars from different areas come back to the peach castle main hall and stand in the center where the sun portrait will be below you. There will be a ray of light coming from the sky which was not there earlier.

All you need to do is to look at the sky from where the ray is coming and you will be teleported to a new map where there will be a lot of towers and you will be flying. Look down and go to the first tower where you will find a red switch. If you collect all the coins on the tower area, you will also gain a power star.

Stomp on the red switch and you will see a red block with an exclamation mark now unlocked. Break that block and you will now get the red cap power. Now you can fly around the map anywhere you see the red block on the map, you just need to break it.

Super Mario 64 Wings To The Sky Walkthrough

When you start the map Bob-omb Battlefield keeps going straight up the wooden ramp and you will find a rocky pyramid structure. Climb on that and you will find a hole on the top. Jump inside the hole and you will get inside the canon.

Use the canon to jump towards the floating island. If you have unlocked the red cap wings, you can break the red exclamation block to get the flying ability else besides the tree you will find a hole.

Get inside the hold to use canon and you could see a lot of coins floating in circles. You need to grab the center coins of each circle. There will be a total of 5 and you can try multiple times to collect all 5 middle coins or can collect them in a single jump.

Once you have collected all coins a star will appear on your screen. Collect the star and you will complete the Mario wings to the sky.

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