Medieval Dynasty- How To Farm Gold Fast And Efficiently

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, you can open a map and locate all the villages and their population. All of these villages have merchants that sell somewhat unique items such as Ironaxe in one and Fishing Rod in other. Few items such as food are common in villages but what common is that all of these items need to be purchased by Gold. All of these items can be crafted later at the game, once you have increased the Technology points. So, you will need to earn gold which will be consumed in taxes and important tools. In this guide, we will explain how you can farm gold and store them during difficulty.

How To Farm Gold Fast And Efficiently At Medieval Dynasty

We know that Crafting is the most important and special feature your character possesses. Though to unlock it, you will require Technology Points, and the speed you gain these points are astronomically low as you perform all types of tasks. Gold is the only form of currency you require to purchase the tools and crop seeds. Tax is also collected for the land you have occupied.

To farm Gold, you will need to craft a ton of Stone Axe at the beginning as the materials to craft is abundant in nature i.e. Rock, Sticks. Crafting a Stone Axe will increase a few points in Technology and Skills. Then sell the excess tools that you don’t want to carry. Even after having the perfect ingredients for cooking, if you are more of a hunter and farmer than an explorer then selling stew and food will be more efficient.

Still, by far, crafting tools and weapons can be practiced to farm money rather than waiting and searching for quests. Collect some amount of base gold and explore the land and villages to gain geographical info and new tools from the sellers. For more guide on Medieval Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

2 Replies to “Medieval Dynasty- How To Farm Gold Fast And Efficiently”

  1. Kevin

    Iron Arrow(50) Crafting are the most benefit and least consume resource as it will only need Iron 10 and stick 10 to gain 50 arrows it’s 7 gold per arrow so it is really worth the try on farming gold not only from the crops

    • Angelz

      Yeah for later, you can mine Iron as soon as you purchase Pickaxe and craft items that have a much higher value.

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