Hades All Achievement List, 100% Complete Guide & Walkthrough

HadesHades is a 2.5 rouge-like action role-playing game developed by Supergiant Games. There is a total of 49 achievements you need to unlock in order to complete the game Hades 100%. Most of these achievements will be unlocked when you reach the true ending of the game. If you missed some of the achievements and want to complete the game below you will find the guide.

Hades 100% Achievement Guide

There is a total of 49 achievements you need to unlock in order to complete the game Hades 100%. Most of these achievements will be unlocked when you reach the true ending of the game. If you missed some of the achievements and want to complete the game below you will find the guide. These achievements are:

  • Escaped Tartarus – Clear the first stage.
  • Escaped Asphodel – Clear the Second Stage.
  • Arms Collector – Unlock all 6 weapons using the key.
  • Escaped Elysium – Clear the third stage.
  • Friends in High Places – While receiving a boon from your uncles such as Zeus or Poseidon, you will receive an aid ability that can be used by pressing F. You can notice a yellow bar under your health bar. You need to fill up that bar by hitting enemies and once the bar is full, use this ability to complete this achievement.
  • Chthonic Colleagues – Talk to all “Chthonic Gods” and fulfill the prophecy. These gods are Hades, Nyx, Charon, Megaera, Alecto, Tisiphone, Thanatos, Hypnos, and Zagreus.
  • Is There No Escape? – Beat the game once.
  • Skelly Slayer – Kill your training dummy skelly 15 times.
  • Urge To Sing – After freeing Orpheus using the house contractor, you will be able to give her nectar and she will ask your favorite song which she will sing once you complete your first escape.
  • Blessed By The Gods – You need 100 different boons from gods. This will eventually be completed once you get to the true ending else select the boons which you haven’t taken before.
  • Blood Bound – You need to max an aspect of the weapon. This option will show you once you have completed the game once. To upgrade your weapon aspect you need to have titan blood which you can get by slaying bosses.
  • Back To Work – During your journey of escaping the underworld, you will eventually get an option to buy the “Administrative Privilege” work order for 3 diamonds. After buying it you will complete this achievement.
  • Home Makeover – Pay for 50 jobs using the house contractor. If all the jobs are over and you haven’t unlocked this achievement yet, you need to keep playing the game till you get the true ending to get more jobs.
  • Friends Forever – Give nectar to all the gods and NPC you meet during your journey to get keepsakes from them. Max out these keepsakes by using them to level 3. Max out all keepsakes and you will get this achievement.
  • Grown Close – When you keep talking with any character in this game, you keep developing bond. Keep giving them nectar and eventually, they will ask for a favor or you can give them ambrosia. As you keep on doing a favor to them, you will forge a bond with them.
  • Had To Happen – After unlocking the fated list from the house contractor, you can review them and check out all the prophecy to gain various rewards.  Complete 15 prophecies to unlock this achievement.
  • Three-Headed Boy – Pet Cereberus 10 times in the house of hades.
  • Death Dealer – During your journey, you will eventually meet Thanatos and help you during your attempt to escape. To unlock this achievement, you need to beat him by 15 kills. You can do this by prioritizing killing anything with a scythe above its head, or anything standing in his circle attack.
  • Rare Collectible – After forging a bond with any Chthonic character you will receive an item called Chthonic companion. You can equip these rare collectibles from the armory keepsake. These characters are Megaera, Thanatos, Skelly, Sisyphus, Dusa, and Achilles.
  • Well Stocked – During your gameplay you will find a pot with purple water inside it. Interact with them and you can select three items in exchange for gold coins. During a single run buy 9 items to complete this achievement.
  • Master Of Arms – You need to defeat the main boss with all 6 weapons once to unlock this achievement.
  • Tools of the Architect – Choose 50 different bonus upgrades for the Daedalus hammer. With this hammer, you could upgrade one of your passive or active abilities.
  • Well Versed – You need to fully complete the Olympian’s codex entries. You can check these entries in your bedroom by reviewing them.
  • Day-or-Night Trader – You need to trade 20 times with the wretched broker, he will be in the kitchen near the lounge and you could trade gems for key or any other items.
  • The Useless Trinket – Once you have completed the game, you will unlock the pact of punishment. Here you can select different modifiers and gain a heat score during your run. You need a heat score of 8 to get a prize from Skelly and will complete this achievement.
  • Weapon of Fate – You need to complete an escape attempt using a hidden weapon aspect. To unlock the hidden weapon aspect, you need to acquire the fated list and unlock 5 other weapons aspects. After that, you need to reach the final boos once and speak to Achilles until he speaks about weapons aspects to you. Once you have unlocked the aspect complete the run once and you will unlock this achievement.
  • Musician and Muse – Fulfill the “Musician and Muse” Prophecy. You can do this by bonding with the character Orpheus, Eurydice, and Nyx. You also need an administrative chamber. Later you will get an option to change Orpheus Contract
  • River Denizen – You need to catch a fish in all 5 region that includes Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, Styx, and Greece.
  • To Charon’s Credit – Behind Charon, you will find a sack of coins. If you steal that coin, you have to fight Charon and if you win the fight, you will gain a loyalty card and will complete the achievement.
  • Slashed Benefits –
  • Hold the Onions – You have to clear an infernal gate without taking any damage.
  • Nyx’s Mirror – You need to have at least one rank on all the talents of the mirror. For that, you also need to unlock all the talents using a key.
  • End to Torment – You need to bond with Sisyphus and eventually get an option to change his contract with the house contractor for 6 diamonds.
  • Champion of Elysium – Clear the Elysium stage with the “Extreme measures” Condition that increases the strength of all the bosses. After defeating the boss of Elysium with this condition you will unlock this achievement.
  • Thanks, But No Thanks – You can remove your boons from the red pool. To complete this achievement you need to remove a legendary boon.
  • Dark Reflections – You need to finish a run with each mirror of night talent and complete the “Dark Reflection” Prophecy.
  • War-God’s Bloodlust –  You need to kill 10,000 enemies and speak to the god of war Ares to complete the prophecy and unlock this achievement.
  • Night and Darkness – You need to bond with Nyx and Chaos and unlock the administrative chamber. After that, you will get a contract in exchange for darkness to complete this prophecy.
  • Harsh Conditions – Complete the run once with each pact of punishment modifier. You can complete the run with all modifiers and claim this achievement in a single run or you can do multiple runs with single modifiers.
  • Haste of Hermes – Get a 20% dodge chance with the Lambent Plume. This item is a keepsake of Hermes and to increase its dodge chance you need to quickly complete an area.
  • Skelly’s Last Lamentations –
  • Divided by Death – Complete the “Divided by Death” prophecy by bonding with Achilles and Patroclus and you will get an order at the house contractor for 7 diamonds.
  • The Family Secret – Reach the true ending of the game for which you need to escape 10 times and the credits will roll.
  • Infernal Arms – Unlock all the weapons aspects. Once you have completed the game, the aspects menu will unlock and you need to offer a titan blade to unlock different aspects. You can get these titan blood by slaying bosses of each stage.
  • Complete Set – Earn all the Chthonic Companions. Refer to the achievement Rare Collectible.
  • Bad Call – During your gameplay, you get a boon that can be used by pressing the F key. Below your health bar, you will find a yellow bar. Some doors you will find two gods who will give boons and if you choose one the other will attack. You need to use this call against the same god to complete this achievement. You need to fully fill that bar by and press the F ability when the bar is maxed out against the same god whose call you are using,
  • Thorn of Thanatos – You need to get 30% bonus damage with the Pierced Butterfly. This is a keepsake of Thanatos and to increase its bonus damage, you need to clear an area without taking any damage. For each room you clear without taking any damage it will increase by 2%.
  • Something From Everyone – Give nectar to each and every character in this game to gain keepsakes from them and unlock this achievement.
  • One for the Ages – After giving enough nectar to your mother Persephone you will get a quest to contact every olympian, meaning you have to get one boon of each god (excluding chaos) over the course of multiple runs. After doing that there will be a cutscene and after visiting your room you will get the achievement.

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