Medieval Dynasty- How To Cook And Roast Meat For High Nutrition

Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a simulator game where survival and development go side by side. Though the basic necessities such as food and clothing are necessary to survive the harsh climate. You can collect Berries or Mushroom to eat but hunting animals for the meat is the best solution to feed yourself for more nutrition. In this guide, we will explain how you can roast meat and cook the meat for stew.

How To Cook And Roast Meat For High Nutrition At Medieval Dynasty

Once you have built the house, the first task is to hunt animals and survive the season. Hunting animals will provide you leather and meat. This meat can be eaten raw but has a chance of causing food poisoning. Poisoning can be resolved by consuming St. John’s Wort but it is not the solution as the amount of nutrition is low and you have to worry about the Poisoning.

The best way to cook the meat at the beginning would be to roast it. To roast the meat you will need to build up a campfire which can be crafted by pressing “Q”. Once the campfire is built press “E” to open the cooking wheel. If you have meat in your inventory, you can select to roast the meat to store and eat for higher nutrition than raw meat.

Meat can be also cooked in the Cauldron inside the house. For that, you will need extra ingredients such as carrots, onions, etc. to cook stew. Stew has the highest nutrition which you can consume and for the ingredients, you can steal carrot from the village at night. For more guides on Medieval Dynasty, click the following link that has been mentioned below the description:

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