Hades How To Get The True Ending & First Ending Meeting Your Mother


Hades is a 2.5 rouge-like action role-playing game developed by Supergiant Games. The objective of the game is to use boon from different gods and escape the underworld and finally meet your mother. During your multiple journeys, you keep learning new things about greek mythology and collect numerous valuable resources that will help you get stronger.

Hades First Ending Meeting Your Mother

To complete the game you need to complete the 4 stages and fight the main boss who will be your father Hades. Once you have defeated hades, you will reach Greece where you will meet your mother for the first time.

Before reaching this place and during your journey of escaping the underworld, you will get to know about your true mother Persephone “Goddes Of Verdure”. You will meet your mother in Greece for the first time who thinks you are dead and will be glad to finally meet you.

After that, you both will have a conversation where you will explain all to her what you did during your journey of escaping the underworld. She will not be happy that Nyx and Hades both hid the fact that her son is alive and she will be happy to hear about Cereberus.

Finally, she will tell you that you are bound to the underworld just like your father and you cannot stay there and after that, you will be back to your palace.

Note: Each time you reach Greece and meet your mother the dialogue will change and you will get to know the true story.

Hades How To Get The True Ending

To get the true ending, you need to defeat Hades 10 times and meet your mother the same number of times. On the final meet, your mother will tell you to help her pack things and you both will travel in the River Styx where Charon will bring you both back to the underworld where you will live together as a family. This is just a brief description of the true ending which I don’t want to spoil and to know all about it beat Hades 10 times.

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