Medieval Dynasty- Farming Method To Grow Crops In Your Land

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, you can grow crops and farm them once you have learned how to craft. After building your house, you know that you can do whatever in this land until you pay the tax. The first thing that pops up in the mind is how to farm and grow crops in the ground near your house. For that, you will need to collect a few necessary tools and resources. This guide will explain to you how to farm the crops and gather food resources.

Farming Method To Grow Crops In Your Land At Medieval Dynasty

To farm in the field, you will need to press “Q” to open the Crafting Wheel and select “Building”. Under Building, there will be “Farming” where you can trace down the plot by selecting “Field”. Then you will need to craft or steal the “Wooden Hoe” to plow the field.

Medieval Dynasty

After plowing, you will require to obtain a Bag where you can put the Seed that can be purchased in the village. The Bag can be stolen during the night when the guards are on the round. Sneak up and steal the Bag that will be placed on the Table near the campfire. Make sure you steal all the tools and resources in order to save a few golds, however, make sure you are not caught or else the Dynasty Reputation will decrease. You can also craft the Small sack but we prefer stealing whenever we get the chance.

Once you have obtained the Bag and any crop seed to grow. Select the bag in any of the Quick Slot and press Right Click to select the type of Seeds you want to sow. Now, you have to learn how to grow the vegetables which can be used to cook in the Cauldron inside the house. You can even increase the crop quality by spreading Manure. For more guides on Medieval Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

12 Replies to “Medieval Dynasty- Farming Method To Grow Crops In Your Land”

  1. A-J-Thrasher

    I harvested Rye I did a Autumn seed spring harvest I then tried to plow and spread manure but when I try plow it says I need to fertilize the field so I try to throw so.e manure down and says I field needs plowed… Is this happening to anyone else after a harvest or am I doing so.ething wrong?

    • Angelz

      You are plowing first and spreading manure but after collecting the crops, you will need to fertilize by spreading manure and then plow the field. Then you can normally start growing again.

      • Dcats55

        I did it this way, spread the manure then plowed and when I tried to sow seeds it says I have to spread manure again 🙁

        • Angelz

          It is not supposed to happen because you did spread manure on Unploughed Field and then sow seeds. It should work perfectly fine, can I know which seed were you sowing?

    • Angelz

      will skip a year as I am currently farming Carrot. Rye can only be sowed during Autumn and it will fully grow in Spring I guess. Will see what problem you guys are facing as there are many rye related problems.

  2. Stapes

    yeah, i cant plow or fertalize after sowing the rye field. Maybe you have to wait a season, but that messes up the rotation.

    • Angelz

      rye is season dependent, it will be sowed in Autumn to be collected in Spring. I am growing carrot and it is working fine. Will try growing rye in next Autumn and let you guys know.

  3. Rahburry

    I ploughing the fields and spread manure the. Went to buy the correct seeds, upon returning the manure was no longer appearing and it wouldn’t let me plant anything without “fertilizing” first but the game didn’t register I had any manure in my bag! What gives!?!?!?

    • Angelz

      As you said, there has been a time when I spread manure excessively and tried to fertile the ground. After a while, if you don’t spread the seed, the manure or fertility of the field disappears. It might be time-related where you will need to quickly spread the manure and plough it to spread the seed at a given time period. So, having a bunch of seeds beforehand will avoid any such situation.

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