Wwe 2k battlegrounds how to throw opponent & deal environment damage

wwe 2k battlegrounds

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a wrestling game developed by Saber Interactive. But it isn’t like any other normal wrestling game. In this game, the wrestlers deal with some flashy super moves. There are also some combos you can perform with these and the best thing is the environment you are fighting.

In cage fights, the cage will run with electricity during an interval of time and if any player trying to escape during this time, he will be fried and take some damage. You can also throw your enemy into the mouth of an Aligator or any other interactable environment.

In this post of WWE 2k Battlegrounds, I will guide you on how to easily hold your opponent and throw them onto an interactable environment to deal with extra damage.

WWE 2k Battlegrounds How To Hold Enemy & Throw Them

To hold an opponent you need to press and hold the A button on the joystick and Down Direction key on your keyboard. After that, you need to go near the interactable environment for example crocodile or sheep then press the B button on the joystick or Right Side direction on the keyboard to throw them.

Upon successfully done, you will see a cool animation and the opponent will take some more damage. You can also toss opponents out of the ring if there is no interactable environment. When your opponent is down, press A or down direction to pick them up, then when they are confused and unable to attack, you can easily hold them. But make sure they can also counter this skill.

Note: In the Mexico stage, you can use the remote control by pressing the LB button to control the sheep and ram into your opponent.

The quickest way to win a match quickly toss out your opponent outside and do not let him get up. Once he tries to do it hit him down again or grapple him. Once the timer reaches 7-8 seconds quickly get inside the ring. When the timer reaches 10 and your opponent will be outside the ring, you will win the game.

If keeping the opponent outside the ring for 10 seconds might be hard for you, you can use your ultimate move on them to down them longer.

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