Medieval Dynasty- Straw Location To Collect And Build The House

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, Straw is an important resource that is required to build the house at the very beginning of the game. These Straws have other uses for crafting purposes but now currently players are stuck in building your own house. To build your own house, you will need Stone Axe and cut down a few trees for the log. It is recommended to chop down the trees where you want to build your own house and grow farm but for now, let’s see where you can find a bunch of Straws.

Straw Location To Collect And Build The House At Medieval Dynasty

These Straw are grown naturally in the form of Reed. To collect these Straws or Reeds, you will need to move to the backside of the village where there is a river. On the edge of the river, you will find vegetations and plants have grown. Walk-in where there is vegetation or plants and search for the small shrubs i.e. Reed grouped up all close to each other.

Collect all these Straws which is required in building the Small House roof. The roof of your house is built with the help of Log and Straws. This will be the first step of your survival and mission to begin your own adventure in the Medieval Dynasty. Make sure you start accepting the quests to earn money and flatter the village girls which will help you to reset the skill tree and birth a new heir. For more guides on Medieval Dynasty, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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