Medieval Dynasty- Stone Axe For Cutting Logs And Building House

Medieval Dynasty

In the Medieval Dynasty, after traveling North to the safety at the very beginning your first task is to build your own house and farm in the plot provided to you. Therefore the first task is to collect log and for that, you will need a Stone Axe. This guide explains you how to obtain Stone Axe and other key resources for building the House.

Stone Axe For Cutting Logs And Building House At Medieval Dynasty

From the start, you must have collected Sticks from the branches while going down to the village. After talking to Castellan, he will explain how he is pleased to see you and offer you the land where you can build your house and start your own family. For that, you will need to build Stone Axe and chop down a few trees.

Medieval Dynasty

Sometimes few players who have gathered all the resources to farm Stone Axe are confused when the task shown to build a house will only mention Stone Axe, Cut Trees, and Straw. To Craft Stone Axe, you will need to press “Q” to open up the Crafting Wheel as shown in the image above. You will have to select Crafting and then you will notice that to build a Stone Axe you will need few resources which are mentioned below.

Stone Axe

  • Sticks- 10
  • Rock- 2

Now you can equip Stone Axe in one of the Quick Slots to equip and chop down the trees to collect Log. For the building of a house, you will require Sticks, Logs, and Straws. Cut down the trees to collect the branches and logs, sometimes cutting down the tree where a bird or a nest is located will provide you with Feathers too. To build the house you can select the Hammer and start working where you can build your own family. The appropriate location to build the house would be near the bridge where the availability of water and food will make your survival easier in the Medieval Dynasty.

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