Among Us- How To Close The Door And Sabotage As Imposter

Among Us

In Among Us, the Impostors have an ability to kill and sabotage. Sabotaging tasks will create chaos among the Crewmates where they will need to focus on completing the task that requires immediate attention. Sabotaging the tasks will create an opening where you can pull sneaky kill. In this guide, we will explain how to close the door and pull out an efficient trap kill.

How To Close The Door And Sabotage As Imposter At Among Us

While playing Imposter, click on the Sabotage which will bring out the map. You will notice the specific facilities icon and a few icons that are marked cross. The specific facility icon such as Electricity or O2 will break down the system which if not repaired in a given time will count as Victory for Impostors. However, clicking the cross marked icons are used to operate and close the door to block the Crewmate and Isolate them.

Impostors have the ability to go inside the vent so they can move freely unlike Crewmates. However, Crewmates tend to move in pairs or in group for a while. Isolating them might be impossible unless you block the path or break down the lifeline facility.

Crewmates rush to complete the task or sometimes monitor any suspicious movements by the player. By faking the task and sabotaging the supply, you can vent kill and move back to the same location in order to have an alibi. Even when the Crewmate count is low, you can block the Cafeteria path in order to avoid any Emergency Meeting while your Cooldown is refreshed.

Depending on how you use Vents and Sabotaging skills to separate the original groups will become the game-changer. For more guides on Among Us, click the link mentioned below the description:

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