NBA 2K21- How To Earn VC Very Fast Without Purchasing

NBA 2K21

In NBA 2K21 VC is the Virtual Currency that is used to purchase various amounts of in-game cosmetics and upgrades attributes for “MyPlayer”. Under My Team, Player Packs also require you to invest VC in order to be purchased. Players can purchase VC via microtransaction although few of them want to earn them straight forward. This guide mentions a trick that can be used to accumulate tons of VC in a single day with the respective farming method.

How To Earn VC Very Fast Without Purchasing In NBA 2K21

When you start the game, you can focus on entering Blacktop Mode under “Play Now”. After that choose One Vs One and change the game condition to 5 because the whole idea is to earn VC quickly and efficiently.

After selecting your athlete or player, you can select the opponent which has low Overall. Start the game and complete the match to repeat and earn 200 VC consistently. Let them shoot 3 Pointer and as they have low Overall they have high chances of missing the shot. Pick the ball and score 1 point or 2 points to race 5 as per the game condition.

Other than that there are various ways to earn relying on your skills but this is the fastest and easiest way that can be practiced by any type of player in NBA 2K21.

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