BPM: Bullets Per Minute Unlock All Character Guide, Tips & Walkthrough

BPM: Bullets Per Minute

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is a rhythm-based first-person shooter game developed by Awe Interactive. The game is not much long and the enemies in the dungeon can feel repetitive. But the catch is you need to shoot and reload based on the game rhythm that will show near your crosshair.

If you are struggling a bit with the rhythm you can turn on the auto rhythm and just enjoy the game in the fps mode. The dungeon in this game never the same and each time you die, the map will be different with different loots.

The starting of the game can be a bit difficult with less gold, no gears, and weapons but as you keep clearing the dungeon, you will get better loots and guns. There is a total of 5 characters in this game and only 1 will be unlocked at the beginning. The rest you need to unlock by playing the game.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute How To Unlock All Characters

Each character has two modes easy and hard with which you need to complete the game to unlock achievements. Every character has a sprint option that can be used by pressing the left shift button. Once you complete a game with a certain character its ability power will get unlocked. There is a total of 5 characters in this game that are:

Goll – Unlocked at the beginning.

Freyr – Reach the third dungeon of the game.

Hildr – Reach the final dungeon Helheim before the final boss stage.

Njord – Complete the game once in easy mode.

ODR – Complete the game once in hard mode.

Each character uses different guns and has a different amount of HP and armor. Njord doesn’t use a gun and shoot magic projectiles from his hands with an unlimited supply.

BPM: Bullet Per Minute Tips, Guide & Walkthrough

The first thing you need to make sure while playing this game is to always keep moving. Save your coins to buy better gear. Try to find gears that will help you in life steal or increase your hp per second.

I have come across two such gears which were a shield that regens hp per second and the other one is a headdress called circlet of the serpentine that regen health on damaging enemies. There is also an ultimate ability called Elli’s touch that regenerates your health by 25 and has a very low cooldown.

With these gears, you will be easily able to complete the game and take down enemies. You can also find a shield called the best defense which gives you infinite ammo no matter whichever guns you are using.

In the dungeon, you can also find some shrines where you need to give one gold to upgrade your stats. There are 6 types of stats in the game that are:

  • Speed
  • Range
  • Luck
  • Damage
  • Precision
  • Ability

BPM: Bullets Per Minute How To Open All Treasure Boxes/ Chest

To open boxes or treasure chests in this game, you need to have a key. Keys are dropped by mini bosses or the main boss of the dungeon Once you have killed the dungeon boss, do not enter the portal, go back and check if you have missed a treasure chest.

There is also a skeleton key in this game that can be used to open all the boxes. The skeleton key gives you works as a normal key but doesn’t get over or breaks after one use. You can use it multiple times and open any number of boxes.

The skeleton key can be found inside treasure boxes or you can buy it from the Huggin’s Shop. These key cost only 7 coins and you should always buy one whenever you find it. The loots in this game always keep on changing each time you restart.

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