Star Renegades – Hidden Character Guide & Unlock Alternate Progenies

star renegades

Star Renegades is a strategy role-playing game developed by Massive Damage. At the start, you need to select your party consist of three members which will eventually grow during the game. You can move between dimensions, upgrading your heroes, equip new weapons and armors.

Each class in this RPG game has a range of skills that take a different amount of time to complete. During the battle, you will see a lot of buffs and debuffs that can be applied to change to the course of the battle.

Star Renegades All Class List

There is a total of 13 classes out of which 12 will be unlocked at the beginning of the game and 1 you can unlock by winning a run. These 13 classes are:

  • Valkyrie
  • Archon
  • Saboteur
  • Enforcer
  • Aegis
  • Marksman
  • Empath
  • Commando
  • Varangian
  • Juggernaut
  • Spectre
  • Gunslinger
  • Paragon

Star Renegades All Progenies Class/ Combination

These are alternative classes that are just a bit different from the original 13 classes. These classes’ stats or level order might be a bit different. To unlock these classes, you need to fill the relationship meter to four hearts. After that, they will be available to purchase from the quantum synthesizer using in-game currency.

Some hidden unique class are:

  • Gunslinger [Commando + Saboteur]
  • Juggernaut [Aegis + Enforcer]
  • Spectre [Empath + Marksman]
  • Varangian [Valkyrie + Archon]
  • *Paragon [Win-a-Run]

Some Alternate Progenies Class that you can combine are:

  • Aegis + Paragon
  • Aegis + Saboteur
  • Aegis + Spectre
  • Archon + Empath
  • Commando + Empath
  • Commando + Varangian
  • Enforcer + Marksman
  • Enforcer + Varangian
  • Marksman + Juggernaut
  • Spectre + Paragon
  • Spectre + Saboteur
  • Spectre + Varangian
  • Valkyrie + Gunslinger

Note: There are many more progenies that you can unlock by combining with other class heroes.If you have combined a lot of classes and forgot which one you have already combined. Check for the color scheme of the parent class for example the alternate progeny Aegis from [Aegis + Paragon] will take the Paragon’s color scheme.

Credit for help for this post goes to DANWOLF.

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