Among Us- Imposter Game, Win Condition And Emergency Meeting Guide

Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer game which was released in mid-2018 in Android whose community has grown over time and now it is one of the most successful game to be played. In this game, 4-10 players can join in a lobby to play as an Imposter and Crewmates who are struggling to complete their goals. This is a detailed guide for all the players who have started or have been playing it for a while.

Imposter Game, Win Condition, And Emergency Meeting Guide For Among Us

The name says it all that there is someone Among Us fellow Crewmates who is an Impostor i.e. sabotaging and killing the members silently and strategically. When all the players rush to complete the task as fast as they can, the Impostor blends with Crewmates and gain trust while accomplishing his objective to kill everyone.

Hosting A Lobby

First, you will need to create or host a lobby “Online” where, you can choose the map, number of Impostors, and the number of total players to start the game. If it is a private lobby, you can share the code which the intended players can use to enter the Private game. The map and number of Impostors can be changed after creating a lobby too except the number of participants.

After hosting a lobby, you can customize it according to the standard and pace you want the game to go on. To customize, go near the laptop near where there will be all types of settings i.e. mentioned below:

  • Map
  • #Impostors
  • Confirm Ejects
  • #Emergency Meetings
  • Emergency Cooldown
  • Discussion Time
  • Voting Time
  • Player Speed
  • Crewmate Vision
  • Impostor Vision
  • Kill Cooldown
  • Kill Distance
  • Visual Tasks
  • #Common Tasks
  • #Long Tasks
  • #Short Tasks

Win Condition

For all Crewmates, the win condition is to find out all the number of Impostors (in case if there are more than one) or completing all the provided tasks that have been assigned.

For Impostors, the win condition is to find a way to isolate and kill all the (n-1) Crewmates silently, whereas “n” is the number of Crewmates. For example- The number of Crewmates Imposter has to kill is 8 to win where 9 are Crewmates and 1 is an Imposter and so on. If Imposters are 2 then the count will go (n-2).

They can even sabotage the spaceship in order to decrease the task speed of the Crewmates. In the end they need the number of crewmate equal to the number of Imposter to win the round.

Emergency Meeting

The game will start when all the Crewmates and an Impostor has been assigned. The maximum number of Impostor that can be assigned is 3. You can customize the settings as mentioned previously, however, the game is still fun to play with even a single Impostor. If you spot a dead body or spotted an Impostor performing specific actions such as entering the vent or killing other Crewmates from the distance, you will need to call Emergency Meeting to vote him out.

There are two ways to call an Emergency Meeting, first, you can go towards the dead body and press Report. The second way is to go to the room where you have spawned at the beginning and Use the Red Emergency button. After initiating there would be sufficient time to discuss and find out the Imposter. The in-game chat is disabled until the Emergency Meeting is initiated.

Among Us

After the decision has been made, you can vote them out if there are sufficient members who agree with you or Skip The Vote when it is too early to judge. Remember kicking the Crewmate will make Impostor work easier. So, the Emergency Meeting should be used properly not hastily.


The assigned task in Among Us for all members will be mentioned on your left side of the screen, to complete the task you will need to open the map and look out in which room the tasks are available. The tasks are simple mini-games that require very little to no effort to complete. You can increase the number of the task to be done in the Lobby room.

Imposter Play-Style

Imposters can sabotage the lights, or oxygen level, and so on. The sabotaged tasks require immediate attention as they might prove to be lethal and disadvantageous for the Crewmates. For example- sabotaging the lights will reduce the vision of all crewmates unless they are repaired.

Impostors can blend in-crowd and focus on eliminating the crewmate who is far away from the other members. Impostors have the ability to crawl into the vent and climb out from others. So, after dealing a finishing blow to one of the members, they can vanish out of thin air if others have no idea of their location. So, there are security cameras situated in the alley which monitor all the room’s entrance that can be viewed from the Security Room.

Make sure you avoid killing in open, the best possible way to kill is inside the rooms and go through the vent and wait at another room till the body is reported or your killing ability is off cooldown.

Among Us is one of the balanced game where your deceit and judgment skills play an important role. There is not a single player who is worth any trust but the art of con makes the game more interesting. This game is available in Steam as well as on mobile. So, you can now download it and gather up your friend to play who is an Impostor Among Us.

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