Wasteland 3- Tarjan Token All Map Locations, Uses And Required Level

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, most of the items are not junks and can be used specifically to gain a bonus effect or perks. Tarjan Token is a collectible currency obtained from repairing the Toasters. These Toasters are placed in specific locations that can be discovered and repaired easily if you have a higher or the same level of skill i.e. Toaster Repair learned. After repairing and opening the Toaster, you will find tons of ammunition, meds, golden toaster parts, and so-called Tarjan Tokens. In this guide, we will explain what you can do with the Tarjan Tokens and where to find all of them.

Tarjan Token All Map Location Uses And Required Level For Wasteland 3

All the Tarjan Token can be invested to gain a permanent perk or temporary buffs based on RNG. These Tarjan Tokens can be used in the Tarjan vending machine located in the Bizarre inside the Cabinet of Curiosities. You can’t control the outcome but gathering all the tokens from around the maps will prove to be useful and increase the chance of obtaining perma perks.

Tarjan Random Perk Reward
  • Eye Of Tarjan: +1 Cold Resistance and +2 Penetration.
  • Fortune Cookie: +15 CON
  • Precognition: +10 Evasion
Tarjan Random Buff Reward
  • Cunning Of Tarjan: XP boost of 25% for 3 hours.
  • Lightning Strikes Twice: Deal 100% critical dmg for the next 5 attacks.
  • Magic Fingers: Increase Barter Skill by one per Tarjan Token for the duration of 3 hours.
Tarjan Token Toaster Map Location And Required Level
  • Broadmoor Heights: Requires lvl 6 Toaster Repair Skill.
  • Ghost Town: Requires lvl 6 Toaster Repair Skill.
  • Ranger HQ: Requires lvl 3 Toaster Repair Skill.
  • Tunnels Of The Wonderous: Requires lvl 5 Toaster Repair Skill.
  • Union Station: Requires lvl 6 Toaster Repair Skill.

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