Craftopia Hamachi Guide, How To Connect Multiplayer & Port Forwarding


Craftopia is an open world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. After playing for some time alone, you might get bored in the open world of this game, as the dungeons can become repetitive. To truly enjoy the game, you need to play with a friends, but the multiplayer is currently under development or filled with bugs and disconnection. Below you will find a way to play with your friend using external software.

Craftopia Multiplayer Time Out Issue

Craftopia multiplayer is currently in development and you might have trouble playing with your friends. If you cannot connect to your friend server or vice versa. Most probably the reason might be port forwarding is closed. You will need to enable them inside your router home page to enable outside traffic to join your network, it might make your computer a little more vulnerable, but you can try an external software to connect with your friends and play Craftopia.

Craftopia How To Use Hamachi

Hamachi is a software to create virtual private networks and extend Lan like network so that you can connect with your friends easily. First, you need to download the software from the web. Once you have downloaded the software, open it.

If you are the host, you need to go to the Network menu and choose “Create A Network”. You need to name the network and give a password of your own choice and then click create.

After that, you need to give these details to your friends with the Ipv4 shown in the hamachi, it will be beside the power button icon for example

Your friends need to go the network tab and select “join an existing network”. He needs to enter the username and password provided by you. After that, he needs to open the Craftopia game, enter the multiplayer menu, and select join via IP. He needs to enter the IPv4 provided by you from the hamachi software and now you both can connect to the server and enjoy the game.

Craftopia Enable Port Forward

To enable port forwarding, you need to enter your router login page. After entering your credentials, look out for the port forwarding menu. On some router, it can be under the advanced menu. On the port forwarding page, select the port field as TCP/UDP and enter the internal IP of the device you want to connect then save.

Then you can check from your browser if the port forwarding worked and if you are able to connect to your friend’s IP. We don’t recommend this method who are new to networking, you can use the above software hamachi to connect to your friends till the in-game multiplayer connection works.

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