Drake Hollow how to connect power line to supply trucks using waypoint

Drake Hollow

Drake Hollow is a survival multiplayer adventure game developed by The Molasses Flood. Once you learn how to craft and all the basic needs, you have to search for better resources like scrap metals. These can only be found on the supply trucks which are located on other islands. You need to connect them to your camp depot to get these resources.

Drake Hollow How To Connect Power

When you upgrade your camp to level 4, by that time you must have an advanced curio workbench and treadmill. You need or any drake needs to run on the treadmill to generate power. You can check the amount of power generated by inspecting the treadmill.

To inspect buildings or furniture in this game, press the right analog stick. By pressing the analog stick you will go into inspect mode, then go near any crafted item in your camp and hold the X button. While inspecting, you will also see an option to connect the power. Select that option and you will now be able to provide power to the building that needs it.

Drake Hollow Connect Waypoint To Supply Trucks

When you open the map in this game and hover over the houses on different islands, you can check the resources available there on the supply trucks. You need to connect the points from your camp depot box to the island supply truck using the waypoint wards. These wards can be crafted using the curio workbench.

To craft waypoint wards, the resources required are duct tape and glow stones. You need to place waypoints and connect them to your camp depot to supply trucks. The waypoints have quite a long-range but still, you would need 3-4 wards to connect one of the supply trucks. Once the resource of the supply trucks is over make sure to dismantle your waypoints and connect to a different supply truck

Note: You won’t get all the resources at once, these resources keep flowing from the supply trucks to your home depot and will be used only while building and won’t show in your inventory. You can also collect these resources while sliding on these waypoints.

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