Craftopia How To Use Excavator & Collect Ores Automatically


Craftopia is an open world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. During the late game, collecting different kinds of resources can be time taking as you need a lot of it for crafting purposes. Below you will find how to get ores quickly and automatically.

Note: To craft the required tools to auto-extract ores from the bedrocks, you need to at least reach Industrial civilization. Below you will find how to craft an excavator and collect ores automatically and then make ingots out of them.

Craftopia How To Craft & Use Excavator

Excavator is a drilling tool that you can craft from the stone workbench once you have upgraded your civilization. Open your workbench and under the power tool menu, you can find the excavator. To craft it the resources required are 10 cogwheels,5 battery, and 5 Bioethanol.

Once you have crafted the tool, equip the item from your inventory. Then find a flat ore deposit of rock where you can place. Once you have placed the excavator, it will automatically mine ores for you.

Craftopia How To Auto Collect Ores Using Container

You need to first craft the scorched dried container, then place it beside the excavator where the
ores are dropped. If the ores are not directly dropped on the container, build some belt conveyor, and connect it to the container belt.

After that, the ores will be collected automatically and then will be stored inside the container.
Check back after some time and you will find a bunch of ores that you convert it into ingots. To craft
Ingot you need to build the stone furnace. Interact with the stone furnace to smelt ores into Ingots.

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