Craftopia How To Craft Well, Get Leather & Craft Charcoal Guide


Craftopia is an open world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. At the beginning of the game, you need to leather to make outfits and charcoal for new recipes. Below you will find the location on where to find leather, craft well, and charcoal.

Craftopia How To Craft Well

The well is a common crafting building that requires 25x stone, 5x log, and 5x Iron Ingot. You can craft the well by visiting the stone workbench and under the farming and livestock-breeding, it will there. Once you craft the well, equip it from your inventory by pressing the right mouse button, and then you can place it on the ground.

Craftopia How To Get Leather

Leather is used to make new tools and outfits in the game. Early game it can be a bit difficult to find leather. You need to find a bear near the first portal. You need to kill the bear and it will drop you around 5x leather. Go inside the dungeon, and you will find some dragon-shaped enemies who will each drops 1x leather.
Once you clear the dungeon, you will again come out of the same portal and the bear will have respawned. You can kill the bear again to gain 5x leather. At the starting of the game, you can keep repeating this method to gain maximum leather.

Craftopia How To Craft Charcoal

The charcoal will be mostly used for cooking new recipes. Crafting charcoal is quite easy all you need to do is get some log by cutting trees. Once you have enough logs go to your stone campfire and place them for crafting. Once they are done, you can collect charcoal from them.

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