Craftopia How To Craft, Use Breeding Facility & Unusual Breeding Guide


Craftopia is an open world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. There are a lot of facilities you can craft and things you can do in this game. One such facility is a breeding facility that is used to reproduce animals. You can either do it with the same species or try different ones.

Craftopia Craft Breeding Facility & How To Use It

A breeding facility is used to generally produce more animals out of two till they die in this game. To craft a breeding facility the resources required are 5x animal flesh, 10x log, 3x cogwheel, and 20x straw.

Once you have crafted the breed facility from the stone workbench, place in your camp. You need to make a barricade from where the animals will come out after breeding to not let them scatter around.

Breeding is mostly used because to run a generator in this game, you need to have an animal running on the wheel. To have a sufficient stock of animals, you need to make one breeding facility.

After setting up your breeding facility, you need to craft some monster prism. After that go near any animal and punch to make their hp below 20% and use a monster prism in them. It is not guaranteed a capture but increases the chance of it. It depends on the animal size level and hp.

Then all you need to do is find two animals, capture them and place them on both sides of the facility and new animals will come out of it.

Craftopia Unusual Breeding

Breeding can only be done between two similar species of animals such as cow with cow or a sheep with another. If you try to breed to two unusual species the result will come out as a mono.

Both animals that have been used for breeding will keep on breeding till their hp runs out. The level of the animals that came out of the breeding facility will have a higher level. For example two level 3 animals will produce a level 5 animal.

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