Drake Hollow How To Reach Camp Level 4 Quickly & Get Schematics

Drake HollowDrake Hollow is a survival multiplayer adventure game developed by The Molasses Flood. Collecting resources and surviving is one the prime objective of the game. As you always need to keep collecting resources for the drake in your camp to survive. Well doing it alone can be exhausting but with friends, the game can be really fun. Below you will find some tips to quickly make your camp reach level 4 and schematics guide.

Drake Hollow Reach Camp Level 4 Quickly

In this game, your camp will be in a permanent location where you need to nurture drakes and grow stronger to fend off ferals from the hollow. As your camp upgrades, you are able to craft and build new items.

There are a few ways to upgrade the level of your camp which I will discuss below. After completing your build your village quest, you will get a new quest which will be to upgrade your camp.

To upgrade your camp quickly, open your map, and find yellow circles. There will be four circles which you need to visit in order to find new drakes. After finding new drake, they will return back to your camp and the camp level will increase.

Some other ways to level up are giving crystals to the drake and evolving them. With each evolution of drakes, you will gain some level. At first, each drake will require 5 crystals to evolve which you can collect by killing the feral beasts.

There are different types of crystal that can be used by a specific type of drake. To give the crystal to the drake, interact with them and you will get an option to give crystal, if you don’ get an option, that means the crystal you have might be required by other drakes.

Drake Hollow Schematics Guide

Schematics are the resource used to unlock new types of building after your camp level-ups. To find Schematics, you need to search the islands. Mostly the schematics are hidden but it won’t be difficult to find them. Search the island properly, break all the boxes, smash the cars, and most importantly check on the house roofs to get schematics.

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