Wasteland 3- Full House How To Recruit All Characters To Ranger HQ

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, “Full House” is a low-level primary mission that seems to be easy but due to lack of information on how and where to find all these recruits will trouble you at the beginning. The mission doesn’t speak much about their locations and gamers who are focusing on this task will wander around aimlessly. In this guide, we will explain where you will find Brig Jailor, Medbay Doctor, Armory Quartermaster, and Garage Mechanics.

Full House How To Recruit All Characters To Ranger HQ In Wasteland 3

After recruiting new members in your squad, Sergei Greatski will assign you a mission which involves recruiting personnel for your Rangers HQ. There are 4 main personnel which we need to recruit and the first in line is Brig Jailor.

Brig Jailor

After having a conversation with Del Hackett, you will come across The Prisoner where you will find Brig Master Key and mushroom in the corpse when you search the body. After informing Del Hackett about the corpse which is supposed to be Andy. Hope Emerson is your Brig Jailor whom you will be able to recruit after completing the mission “Cornered Rats” in Garden Of The Gods.

Medbay Doctor

In Colorado Springs, you will defeat Dorsey’s in the cloth shop, and as soon as you defeat them to advance ahead, Josiah Casady will greet you. He will mention Doc Parker who is one of his friends and direct you to his location. Once you reach the Market Square, go where the statue is faced i.e. left after climbing the stairs from Josiah’s location.

Move forward and enter the garage, there the Doc would require a few medical kits which you can buy or offer if you have one. Hence, he will be recruited to the Rangers HQ soon after accepting his request.

Armory Quartermaster

You will need to complete the mission “Big Trouble In Little Vegas” and save Inspector Delgado. Once you complete it, the Armory Quartermaster will be recruited.

Garage Mechanics

You will need to complete the mission, “Unwelcome Guests” and in this mission, you will encounter Randy Gett. Complete the mission “Thicker Than Water” to recruit him in your Rangers HQ.

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