Craftopia How To Get Wheat Flour, Bioethanol & Fishing Guide

CraftopiaCraftopia is an open-world sandbox game developed and published by POCKET PAIR, Inc. Upgrading your civilization in this game grants with a lot of items and buildings to craft. To upgrade your civilization you need to visit the Altar Of Civilization building once you have collected all the resources.

Craftopia How To Get Wheat Flour?

To get wheat flour, first, you need to craft a field. Place the field near your camp and then craft a bucket from the stone workbench. Equip the bucket from your inventory and go near the water, then press the right click to fill water in the bucket.

Water the fields to make the wheat grow. Once they are grown, reap them up and use them in the cooking pot to make Wheat flour.

Craftopia How To Craft Bioethanol?

To craft bioethanol first, you need to craft a ripening chamber from the stone workbench. After that, you need to follow the above steps to get wheat flour. Once you have crafted the wheat flour, go to the ripening chamber and you will find bioethanol. Click on it and use wheat flour to craft bioethanol.

Craftopia Craft Fishing Rod & Fishing Guide

You can craft a fishing rod once your civilization reaches the frontier age. After that visit your stone workbench and you can fishing rods available for crafting. To craft a fishing rod, the resources required are logs, stones, straw.

Once you have crafted a fishing rod, visit any water bodies nearby and look out for puddles or ripples of water. Try to throw your fishing rod in the middle of the ripple to gurantee to catch a fish. Once you have caught a fish, it will fling out of the water and drop on the ground nearby which you need to pick up.

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