Wasteland 3- Garden Of The Gods Cornered Rats Choices Result

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, after having a conversation with Marshal Lupinski, he will let you proceed through the gate to the Garden Of The Gods to eliminate all Dorsey’s. As soon as you enter the door and travel across, a radio voice from Bellamy Ward will be received which after accepting will increase the rep +1 against Hundred Families. Not soon after near the spawn point, there would be an Ice Block that can be melted with your Flamethrower or Photon Amplification Lens to obtain a container and loots. Now, let’s walk you through the mission and learn all about the characters that will be encountered and the consequences from the choices.

Garden Of The Gods Cornered Rats Choices Result For Wasteland 3

Bellamy Ward

After entering the Garden Of The Gods, you will encounter a group of Dorsey Ambushers who after dealt will release Bellamy Ward hence increasing your Hundred Families Reputation +1. He will explain about his inventions and the situation about the area. Make sure your character who has high perception leads the way due to mines ahead.

Electronic Safe

After leaving the area, you will need to repair the Generator to enter the cage where you will earn a Skill book, Rocket launcher, ammunition, and a few junks from searching Lockers. The main focus is to power up the Computer. To power it up, you will need to let one of your characters stand on the Pressure plate. Make sure that the character operating Computer has at least Nerd Stuff 3. Open the Electronic Safe and the reward inside will be yours.

Isaac Reed

Ahead you will encounter a bunch of Dorsey Hunter, after defeating them you will notice a fiery pit full of corpses. Cyborg Chicken can be interacted beside the pit and soon after that, you will find a camp. He will inform us about Lucia’s family and there would be a choice ahead where Lucia is overwhelmed with anger and ready to shoot him.


Either you try to defuse and arrest him or let her avenge their parent’s death. Arresting will let Lucia question you further but she will slowly calm down and let you hunt Nelius Dorsey. If you choose to kill him then it will initiate a battle against the survivors. If you arrest him, you will gain rep +5 with Patriarch Marshals and killing you award with none.

Report everything to Sheriff Daisy to obtain a new mission. For more guides on Wasteland 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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