Wasteland 3- Ballerina Puzzle And Gyro Location At Clown Museum

Wasteland 3

In Wasteland 3, a lady from Intercom will ask you to repair the Ballerina at Clown Museum. To repair the Ballerina or power them up, you will need to obtain Ballerina Gyro. After entering the Clown Museum, you will have to defeat the enemies, however they will drop a Mission Critical Item “Ballerina Gyro” when you loot. To fix them you will need to collect this Gyro and a total of 4 Gyro can be obtained. In this guide, we have explained where you can locate this Ballerina Gyro that will fix up the Ballerina doll in order to proceed through the mission.

Ballerina Puzzle And Gyro Location At Clown Museum In Wasteland 3

The Ballerina in the ground needs to be repaired as per the instruction by a lady from Intercom. To repair, you will need to fix a specific Gyro that is displaced in the ground. However, the first Gyro can be obtained after looting the bodies from the enemies that greeted you in your way. There would be 3 more Gyro located in the ground so bring out your shovel as you need some digging to do.

The second Gyro can be collected from a small shack beside the bowling area. Make sure to let one of your characters stand on top of the “Star Mark”. This will power up the gate and open up the shack door. Enter and loot the cases where you will obtain the 2nd Gyro.

The third Gyro can be obtained not very far from the bowling pin area. Behind the “Star Mark” or bowling area will be a huge tree. Dig up near the trunk of a tree to loot and obtain the third Gyro.

The final Gyro will be buried in the left corner of the garage where the lady from Intercom is located. Near the tires and plank at the end, you will need to dig the ground and loot in order to collect the last Gyro.

After collecting all the Gyro, you can repair the Ballerina and activate which will complete the favor and let you continue the mission. For more guides on Wasteland 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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