Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 Wallride School Bells Location Walkthrough

tony hawk pro skaterTony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 is a skateboarding video game developed by Vicarious Visions, Neversoft. The remastered game consist of both parts and both the parts have areas in which you need to complete a series of challenges. One such challenge compromise of locating 5 school bells and wall riding over them. Below you will find the location of the bells in part 2 of the school area.

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 School Bells Location Walkthrough

You need to break 5 school bells in this area to complete a part of the challenges to unlock the next area. All the school bells can be found on the ground, unlike the part 1 school area where one of them is hidden on the rooftop.

1st Bell

The first bell can be found on the right side wall as soon as you start the area near the plank. After collecting the first bell, there are two parts in the school area that you need to visit the first one is straight, and the other one on the right side. If you go straight you will get 3 more school bells and on the right side area, there will be the last one.

2nd Bell

After collecting the first bell, go straight and slide down the slope, keep going straight and then take right. On the right side wall, you will find the second bell.

3rd Bell

After breaking the second bell, on the right side, you will find a small slope, go up that slope and keep going straight to find the third bell.

4th Bell

After getting the third bell, keep going straight, and on the right side top corner, you will find the fourth bell on top of the garbage box. Above the bell, you will find graffiti with the word “WILS” written in blue.

5th Bell

Go back to the starting point where you got the first bell and this time instead of going straight down the slope, go to the right side area. There you will find the S of SKATE in the slope. Keep going straight till the end and then take left as soon as you reach the wall. After that keep going straight and you will find blue and green lockers on both sides, in front of that will be a small platform to perform a stunt, and there on the wall, you will find the fifth bell.

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